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How to Make a Door Handle Easier to Open

Tips to make door handles and knobs easier to turn

Struggling with door handles is a common issue many people face, especially older people and those with arthritis, joint pain or limited hand strength. Stiff, awkward, or small handles make doors difficult or even impossible to open. New PVC doors and keys can be particularly difficult to get used to.

This article aims to offer practical solutions with some free hacks and tips to try by introducing three innovative products designed to make door handles easier to open. Whether you have a lever, a knob, or a tricky key, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and explore these life-changing gadgets.

The Importance of Easy-to-Use Door Handles

Easy-to-use door handles aren’t just a convenience; they’re a necessity for many. Older people with limited hand strength, and a difficult door handle can become a barrier to freedom and mobility within their own homes. They also reduce the risk of falls or other accidents that can occur when forcing stiff handles.

By investing in adaptive gadgets, you can make daily life more manageable and regain independence.

Tru-Grip Door Handle Extension Set

The Tru-Grip Door Handle Extension Set is a new design for anyone struggling to push down lever door handles. This extension set adds length to the handle, making it easier to grip and turn. Its easy installation and durable design make it a go-to solution for lever handles. The extensions slide securely over handles using cable ties so there are no tricky DIY skills needed to fit it. It provides a larger, easy-to-push or pull surface area.  The Tru-Grip set fits most interior and exterior level door handles and comes in “one size fits all”. It is an affordable and quick solution rather than installing new handles and door furniture.

Our reviewer Lucy, tried it out here.

@duncantrabasack tru grip door opener, available at shop.disabilityhorizons. For people with hand impairment or injuries #handimpairment #stroke #disabilitygadgets #Naidex @dhorizons_ ♬ original sound – Duncan

Cat Tongue Grip Tape

If you have difficulty turning door knobs, the Cat Tongue Grip Tape is your answer. This grip tape adds a textured surface to any knob, making it easier to grasp and turn. It’s simple to apply and can be cut to fit any size of knob. The tape’s durability ensures it will last, making door knobs less of a hassle.  It provides a contoured, non-slip grip that makes knobs easier to grasp and turn. The tape is thin, durable, and discreet in appearance. It’s waterproof, you get 10ft of it (it’s American!), and can be cut to size. Apply it directly to any smooth doorknob for an instant hand-friendly solution. It is kind on your hands as it is non-abrasive grip tape.

Keywing Key Turner Aid – 3 Pack

The Keywing Key Turner Aid – 3 Pack is a must-have for anyone struggling with keys. This clever device clips onto your key, providing extra leverage and reducing the strength needed to turn it.

Available in vibrant colours, it also makes your keys easier to find and identify. Its comfortable, dimpled domes offer a firm grip, minimizing the chances of dropping keys. Note that it’s suitable for flat ‘Yale’ style and cylinder rim lock keys.

Other Handy Tips for Easier Door Handle Opening

Elastic Bands for Improved Grip

  • Wrapping elastic bands around door knobs can offer a better grip, making it easier to turn. You could also carry a rubber jar opener. Try this but our grip tape is a much better solution!

Lubricate with WD-40 or Candle Wax

  • A quick spray of WD-40 on hinges and handles can reduce friction and make doors easier to open and close.
  • Make sure doors open smoothly and freely. Tight hinges or sticking doors add difficulty. Lubricate hinges and trim doors if needed. Rubbing a candle along a door frame can help, just like it can help with sticky furniture drawers.

Adding a Grab Rail

  • Installing a grab rail near the door provides extra stability, allowing you to use your other hand more effectively to open the door.

Install Level style handles instead of door knobs on all your doors

  • Install lever-style handles rather than round doorknobs. Lever handles are easier to grip and push down. This can be expensive!

Install automatic door openers.

  • These allow doors to open with the push of a button or motion sensor. Again this is an expensive solution but for some people, this is the best way to allow freedom and access.

Install lighter doors.

Solid wood or metal doors can be very heavy to push or pull. Lighter materials like fibreglass are easier to operate. Lighter doors are not always the best for security or fire prevention. Get specialist advice.

Change the height of your handles and locks

  • Ask someone to install locks and handles at a new height that works better for you. That way you avoid needing to bend to turn and reach low locks. The best height for you may give you that extra strength to turn or pull a handle

Additional Resources for Stuck Door Handles or Levers

Hiatt Hardware Guide for Stuck Door Knobs

  • Provides a step-by-step guide on loosening stuck door knobs using lubricants.
  • Read the guide here.

DirectDoorHardware Guide on Removing Door Knobs

  • Offers a detailed guide on removing door knobs, including tips on measuring existing holes for a new set.
  • Check out the guide.

wikiHow’s Three Ways to Remove a Door Handle

  • Explains methods for removing handles with different types of screws.
  • Learn more here

Final Thoughts on Making Doors Easier to Open

We’ve covered a range of products and tips to make your doors easier to open and close. From specialised products like the Tru-Grip Door Handle Extension Set and Cat Tongue Grip Tape, and Keywing Door Openers to DIY solutions like elastic bands and WD-40, there’s something for everyone. We’ve also provided additional resources and video tips for those dealing with stuck or sticky doors. Making your doors more accessible and easier to open, close and lock, is another step towards a more comfortable and independent life.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you found these tips helpful!

BONUS TIP: If you are a wheelchair user check out our T-Pull door Closer here!

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