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Santander X UK Awards – Disability-Focused Winners

Celebrating Disability-Focused Innovations: Santander X UK Awards 2023

Introduction: Acknowledging Innovators in the Disability Community

We are delighted to acknowledge the accomplishments of two exceptional winners, Intotum and Snowball App at the Santander X UK Awards 2023, who are making contributions to the disability community.

Table showing the awards won at the Santander X UK Awards:

Company Type of Business Award Won Prize Money Next Step
Intotum Adaptive Fashion 1st Place the in Universities Category £15,000 Place in Santander X Global Awards
Snowball Community Ltd Accessibility App 1st Place in Start-ups Category £25,000 Place in Santander X Global Awards

The Santander X UK Awards: A Platform for Entrepreneurs

The Santander X UK Awards, now in their 13th year, have become a notable platform for entrepreneurs, especially those focusing on creating solutions for people with disabilities. This year, the awards have once again highlighted the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in entrepreneurship, showcasing businesses that address the unique challenges faced by the disability community.

How do the Winners of the Santander X UK Awards Benefit?

  • Financial Support: Winners receive money to help grow the business. This funding is very important for new companies to develop their products, market themselves, and expand.
  • Visibility and Reputation: Winning the award makes the companies more well-known and trusted. This can attract more customers, business partners, and investors.
  • Global Opportunities: Winners get to participate in the Santander X Global Awards, giving them a chance to show their work on an international stage, meet other businesses from different countries, and maybe expand globally.
  • Networking: The awards connect winners with other entrepreneurs, experts, and business leaders. This network is great for advice, learning new things, and finding new ways to work together.

Intotum: Leading a New Way in Adaptive Fashion

compostie of four images of designer Hannan Tantush from intotum with disabled people trying clothes designs that are adaptive
Hannan Tantush is trying her designs with members of North West London disability organisations.


Innovative Design for Disability

Intotum, a winner at the Santander X UK Awards, is another designer changing the way we think about fashion for disabled people. Their unique clothing designs are not just practical but also stylish. This matches our goal to offer a variety of adaptive clothing brands that are empowering and inclusive.

The Story Behind Intotum

Hanan Tantush, who started Intotum, was inspired by her own experiences. Seeing her grandfather struggle to find comfortable clothes after his Stoma surgery led her to create some new designs. By collaborating with disability charities in London and the North West, Intotum hopes to offer accessibly priced, easy-to-wear clothing designed with and for people with disabilities.

“Your clothing should make you feel good and fit comfortably – after my grandads third battle with cancer he had to adapt to life with a stoma and urostomy bag, meaning comfort and style no longer became a choice. Resigned to wearing baggy sweatpants, he became conscious of how others may perceive him and became more reclusive.This was not something he should have been self-conscious of, but it also should have had an easy fix- adaptive clothing that is comfortable and works with your disability.” Hannah at Intotum

We look forward to working with Hannan in the future!

Snowball Community Ltd: Enhancing Accessibility Through Technology

The Snowball app, another award winner, represents another step forward in using technology to improve accessibility. This app allows users to rate businesses based on their accessibility, offering invaluable perspectives from actual members of the disability community.

Apps like Snowball empower users by providing vital information and encourage businesses to improve their accessibility features.

Simon Sansome inventor of the Snowball app on a mobility Scooter with other app users, they are holding fake gold medals
Simon Sansome

Snowball App: Simplifying Accessibility for the Disability Community

  • What is Snowball?: Snowball is an app that helps people with disabilities find places like restaurants and bars that are accessible. It’s used worldwide, and users add new reviews about places.
  • How it Works:
    • User Reviews: People can rate and write about how accessible different places are.
    • Database of Places: Eventually it will be a huge list of places that are good for disabled people to use or visit.
  • Recognition from Big Tech Companies: Big tech companies, like Google and Microsoft, have noticed Snowball. They see it as a key tool to help with accessibility everywhere.
  • Benefits of Snowball:
    • Informed Choices: It lets disabled people check others’ experience of a venue before visiting.
    • Community Empowerment: The app gives power to its users to share their experiences and learn from each other. It is user-led.
  • Founder’s Vision: Simon Sansome, who made Snowball, calls it the “TripAdvisor for the disabled community.” He wants to get 200,000 reviews on the app to make it even better for users.
  • Making a Difference: Snowball helps solve real problems. For example, it helps people find hotels and shops they can use without hassle. It gives useful information about places, making life easier for disabled people.

 “I have had so many experiences of showing up at hotels, restaurants, shops or other venues and not being able to get inside or get around, even after doing my research and being reassured it will be accessible. It’s a major frustration in so many disabled peoples lives that simple access is not provided in so many places.

“With the Snowball app, I can now reliably be informed of a building’s accessible features, as for the first time, disabled people are reviewing them! It’s so simple, and yet saves so much time and frustration, as I’m now able to know what to expect before I arrive, prepare in advance and leave my own experiences and advice for other Snowball users. Best of all, it’s all in my pocket, making it quick and easy to access- just about the only part of a disabled persons life that is quick and easy!” – Snowball App User

Download the app here!

Recognition and Rewards: A Milestone for Disability Entrepreneurship

Both Intotum and Snowball Community Ltd have not only won the Santander X UK Awards but have also earned a place in the upcoming Santander X Global Awards. Their achievements are a testament to the impact and necessity of disability-focused entrepreneurship. We congratulate them on their well-deserved success and recognition.

A Positive Trend in Disability Entrepreneurship

We are pleased to see disabled entrepreneurs gaining recognition and creating innovative companies that make a real difference. The success of Intotum and Snowball Community Ltd at the Santander X UK Awards 2023 is an encouraging sign of the growing influence and importance of disability-focused businesses. We look forward to seeing more innovations that enhance accessibility and inclusivity for the disability community and hope to work with both winners.

Watch this space!

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