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Ben Clark – Rolling Forward – A guide for new wheelchair users – book review

Ben Clark of Adapt To Perform has just launched a new free e-book “Rolling Forward – A Guide For New Wheelchair Users” Let’s take a look:

“Rolling Forward: A Practical Guide for the Journey to Wheelchair Life”

Cover of book "Rolling Forward a guide for new wheelchair users"Ben Clark’s new guidebook “Rolling Forward” is a must-read for anyone embarking on the transition to wheelchair life. As a wheelchair user himself, Ben brings a wealth of lived experience and empowering insights to each page of this book. He understands firsthand the challenges and opportunities of adjusting to life using a wheelchair.

In the introduction, Ben acknowledges the emotions new wheelchair users may experience:

It’s natural to feel a mix of emotions, ranging from the weight of adapting to new circumstances to the desire to preserve a sense of normalcy. The uncertainty of what lies ahead can be daunting, and it’s okay to experience a roller coaster of feelings.”

He validates that this transition involves a significant shift in perspective:

“Life with a wheelchair signifies adjustments – in routines, in perspectives, and in the way you navigate the world. It’s acknowledging that the landscape of your daily life might differ, but also understanding that this change doesn’t diminish your potential.

Wheelchair Enables Life

Ben encourages readers to view wheelchair use as enabling rather than limiting. As he emphasizes, “This adjustment is not about limiting your experiences; rather, it’s an opportunity to reimagine and recreate the way you engage with the world.”

Throughout the book, Ben provides practical strategies for mastering wheelchair skills, from handling and manoeuvring to navigating various terrains:

“Practice and experience will enhance your turning and maneuvering skills. If you’re unsure or encountering challenges, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from a physical therapist or wheelchair professional. By mastering these techniques, you’ll be better equipped to navigate various environments, change directions smoothly, and back up safely when needed.”

He also offers wisdom on building support systems, pursuing interests, and maintaining emotional well-being. Ben highlights the importance of asking for help, framing it as empowering rather than defeating:

“Remember that the people around you—family, friends, caregivers—are often more than willing to offer their support. Reaching out for help when necessary is a positive step toward maintaining your well-being and adapting to new circumstances.”

Filled with encouragement, practical advice, and Ben’s insights, “Rolling Forward” is an inspirational guide to thriving in your wheelchair journey. Ben Clark is the ideal guide to help you embrace this transition with an empowered and positive perspective.

Look after yourself

Ben provides compassionate insight into maintaining independence in daily activities, offering tips on everything from self-care and cooking to household chores and communication:

“Incorporating adaptive techniques tailored to your needs can significantly enhance your ability to perform self-care and personal hygiene tasks independently. Utilizing tools such as shower chairs and commode chairs with wheels, you can optimize your independence and comfort while minimizing the challenges associated with transfers.”

The importance of good seating

He delves into the intricacies of proper wheelchair seating and positioning:

“Proper seating and positioning are essential components of your journey with a wheelchair, and this section will guide you through the key considerations to ensure your comfort, health, and independence.”

Exercise and maintaining fitness

Ben explores strategies for maintaining physical health through customized exercise routines, mindfulness, and addressing secondary health conditions proactively. As he advises:

“Staying physically active and incorporating regular stretches into your routine is essential for maintaining mobility, strength, and overall well-being as a wheelchair user. Always prioritize safety and consult with healthcare professionals to design an exercise routine that meets your specific needs and goals.”

Ben runs his online fitness programme at AdapttoPerform.

Emotional Support

Furthermore, he provides a wealth of tips for nurturing emotional well-being, building resilience, and seeking support when needed. As Ben wisely counsels:

“Remember that it’s okay to ask for help and prioritize self-care. By cultivating a positive mindset, connecting with supportive individuals, and developing effective coping strategies, you can navigate the emotional aspects of life as a wheelchair user with strength and resilience.”

Download Ben’s Book “Rolling Forward”

Filled cover to cover with empowering advice and hard-won wisdom, Ben Clark’s “Rolling Forward” is truly an essential and uplifting guide. It’s a valuable resource for approaching the transition to wheelchair life with positivity, confidence, and a growth mindset.

Ben’s book is available here to download. All you need to do is give your email address and it is otherwise completely free.

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