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Black Wheelchair Leg Strap – Exclusive to Disability Horizons Shop

New Black Leatherette Wheelchair Leg Strap Exclusive to Disability Horizons Shop

Black wheelchair leg strap behind two brown boots on an electric power wheelchairWhen it comes to wheelchair accessories, the right blend of functionality and style is paramount. Disability Horizons Shop, always at the forefront of innovative solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of an exclusive black leatherette wheelchair leg strap.

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Clare-Marie Edwards: The Inspiration Behind the Exclusive New Fashion Strap


Clare-Marie Edwards, the ingenious mind behind Trabasack, and the wife of the shop manager at Disability Horizons, has contributed valuable designs to the range of disability aids. Living with a spinal injury, Clare understands the nuances and needs of wheelchair users firsthand.

One of her primary concerns was the aesthetic appeal of wheelchair accessories. She desired a leg strap that would seamlessly blend with her sleek black wheelchair, ensuring it wouldn’t clash with any outfit she chose. Acting on this need, we took the initiative to ask Josh at Ablemove to create a leg strap that is not only functional but also a statement of style, in new black leatherette fabric.

Benefits of the Black Leatherette Wheelchair Leg Strap

Comfort Meets Elegance

Ablemove Ablestrap in black leatherette one-sizeThe black leatherette material is soft against the skin, ensuring maximum comfort. Its elegant design ensures that users don’t have to compromise on style for functionality.

A Summer Essential for Wheelchair Users

Summer brings with it the joy of flaunting sandals and low-cut shoes, but for wheelchair users, this often comes with the challenge of ensuring their legs are protected. Traditional leg straps can be abrasive, especially when wearing footwear that exposes more of the skin. However, the black leatherette wheelchair leg strap from Disability Horizons is a game-changer in this regard. Made carefully in the UK from soft leatherette material, it is smooth and gentle against the skin, preventing any chafing or discomfort. This means users can confidently choose a wider variety of footwear, from stylish sandals to casual slip-ons, without worrying about potential skin irritations. It’s not just about securing the legs; it’s about doing so with utmost care and consideration for the skin, especially during the warmer months.


Versatility in Design


Whether you’re attending a formal event or just heading out for a casual day, this leg strap complements every look. Its neutral black hue ensures it pairs well with any outfit.

Enhanced Stability for Everyday Activities and Beyond

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the primary function of a wheelchair leg strap is undeniably to provide enhanced stability. The Able Move Leg Strap for wheelchairs has been carefully made to ensure that users can navigate their daily activities with utmost confidence. Whether it’s transferring from the wheelchair to a car, bed, or another seating surface, during a transfer from an aisle chair to a seat on an aircraft (see more below) the strap ensures that the legs remain securely in place, minimising any risk of slips or misalignments.

Furthermore, for wheelchair sports, the importance of stability cannot be overstated. Activities such as wheelchair basketball, tennis, or racing demand rapid movements and quick turns. In such scenarios, the leg strap proves invaluable, offering the necessary support to ensure that the legs remain together and stable, allowing athletes to focus solely on their performance without any distractions.

Black wheelchair strap for legs with a brown boot on fooytplates of a powerchair, the strap can be seen at the ankle height keeping the feet on the footplateIn essence, this leg strap is not just an accessory; it’s another empowering accessory for wheelchair users to lead an active life with confidence. Whether it’s daily transfers, participating in sports, or simply enjoying a day out, people can trust this strap to provide the stability they need.

Seamless Transfers on Flights with the Wheelchair Leg Strap

For wheelchair users, one of the most challenging aspects of air travel is the transfer from the aisle chair to the aircraft seat. The narrow confines of an aeroplane and the bustling environment can make this process daunting. However, with the black leatherette wheelchair leg strap, this transfer becomes significantly more manageable.

Able Move founder Josh sitting in the able Sling lite using a able Sling harness
The strap can be used for aircraft transfers with or without the ablemove sling, click the image for more info

By using the strap to hold the legs together during the transfer, users can ensure their legs remain secure and in place. This is especially beneficial when being assisted by the special assistance staff from the airport. Not only does it provide an added layer of safety, but it also offers the user a sense of confidence and independence during the transfer process.

Moreover, the smooth leatherette material ensures that the strap doesn’t cause any discomfort, when worn for short periods, such as during a flight. Although be mindful of pressure issues and loosen the strap when you can. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or embarking on a one-off journey, the wheelchair leg strap proves to be an invaluable travel companion, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transfer experience.

Easy to Use

With its adjustable design, users can easily put on and take off the strap, ensuring a snug fit every time.

  1. Adjustable Design: The strap is fully adjustable, featuring either velcro fastening. This ensures that users can easily customise the fit according to their comfort and requirement.
  2. Versatility in Application: The strap can be applied around the thighs or lower legs, offering flexibility based on the user’s preference.
  3. Quick Application and Removal: The presence of velcro fastening ensures that users can swiftly put on and take off the strap without any hassle.

A Collaboration of Passion and Innovation


This exclusive black leatherette wheelchair leg strap is a result of the collaboration between Clare-marie’s vision and Disability Horizons’ commitment to providing the best for its customers. It’s a testament to how personal experiences can lead to innovations that benefit many.

Discover the elegance and functionality of the exclusive black leatherette wheelchair leg strap at Disability Horizons Shop.

In the world of disability aids, it’s not just about creating solutions; it’s about creating solutions that resonate with the users’ needs. This is why we are always listening to customers to improve existing ones and create new products that help.

Black Leatherette Wheelchair Straps FAQ

Q1: How do you keep your legs together in a wheelchair?

A: To keep legs together in a wheelchair, users often employ leg straps or wheelchair straps for legs. These straps wrap around the thighs or calves, ensuring the legs remain in place and don’t splay outwards.

Q2: What are leg straps used for?

A: Leg straps are primarily used to provide stability and support to the legs of wheelchair users. They ensure that the legs remain securely in place, aiding in transfers, daily activities, and even during wheelchair sports.

Q3: Do wheelchairs have straps?

A: Yes, many wheelchairs come equipped with straps, including wheelchair foot straps and calf straps. These straps are designed to offer additional support and safety to the user.

Q4: What are the benefits of the black leatherette wheelchair leg strap?

A: The strap offers comfort, elegance, versatility in design, enhanced stability, and ease of use.

Q5: How does the strap ensure comfort during the summer months?

A: The leatherette material is smooth and gentle against the skin, making it ideal for wearing sandals or low-cut shoes during summer without causing any skin irritations.

Q6: How does the strap contribute to enhanced stability?

A: The strap ensures that users can navigate daily activities with confidence, aiding in transfers and providing support during wheelchair sports.

Q7: How is the strap adjustable?

A: The strap is fully adjustable, featuring either velcro fastening or a buckle, allowing users to customize the fit.

Q8: Is the strap suitable for wheelchair sports?

A: Yes, the strap offers the necessary support for wheelchair sports, ensuring that the legs remain stable during rapid movements and turns.

Q9: Where can I purchase the exclusive black leatherette wheelchair leg strap?

A: The strap is available for purchase at Disability Horizons Shop.

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