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Image is a photograph of a christmas card by Peter Rodulfo featuring a red, winged fantasy car being jocularly driven by a harlequin-type character, in a winter-like land

Discover the Magic of Our Christmas Cards: Humour, Art, and Inclusion

Christmas Cards by Disabled Artists and Carers


This holiday season, Disability Horizons Shop brings you a unique selection of Christmas cards that are not just festive but also embody artistry, humour, and a strong message of inclusivity. From magical realism to humorous animal themes, each card is a testament to creativity and diversity.

Magical Realism Peter Rodulfo Art Christmas Cards

Step into a whimsical world with these cards, featuring the enchanting work of artist Peter Rodulfo. Known for his magical realism style, Rodulfo’s art combines elements of fantasy with the everyday, creating a dream-like, yet familiar atmosphere. One of the cards depicts a red, winged fantasy car being jocularly driven by a harlequin-type character, set against a winter-like landscape. It’s a unique and imaginative way to send your season’s greetings.

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Image is a photograph of a Peter Rudulfo Christmas card entitled "Winter Wonderland"

Xmas Handmade Funny Animal Christmas Cards

Explore the distinctively witty and incisive Christmas cards by Brian Adcock, an award-winning UK political cartoonist and illustrator, celebrated for his work in major publications and recognised for his achievements in political cartooning. For those who appreciate a touch of humour with their holiday cheer, these pet-themed cards are a perfect choice. With witty designs featuring animals in amusing and heartwarming scenarios, these cards are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Each card is carefully handcrafted, adding a personal and unique touch to your festive messages. See more amazing cards by Brian here!

image is an illustrated Christmas card featuring a dog holding cat under some mistletoe, and the cat surprisedly and reluctantly recieving a christmas kiss.

Vintage-Style Angel and Tree Handmade Christmas Cards

Designed by Amrick, our shop tech and design manager, these vintage-style cards are a nod to the classic Christmas imagery. With designs featuring a joyful girl and a traditional Christmas tree adorned with candles and decorations, these cards evoke the warm, nostalgic feelings of past holiday seasons. The handmade aspect of these cards adds a unique, personal touch, making them stand out in our collection. See Amrick’s cards here!

naive childlike colourful angel in a yellow dress with blonde hair with text "hope and love"


Cards by Disabled People’s Voice (DPV)

Lastly, we have a series of cards created by Disabled People’s Voice (DPV), each with its own unique story and message.

Disabled People’s Voice (DPV) is an online platform and user-led cooperative that aims to provide support, training, advice, and knowledge for disabled individuals. The organization is based in Hampshire and seeks to bring together disabled people across the region to promote equality and give a stronger voice to disabled people.

santa stairlift disabled peoples voice xmas card. Show santa taking his stairlift up the stairs.These include:

Each card in this collection not only sends a message of joy and good tidings but also represents the diverse experiences and inclusivity of the disability community.

Buy today and support disabled artists and their carers, and send the most unique cards your friends and family will have ever seen!


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