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Trabasack Media Mount device stand for wheelchair lap tray

4 creative and fun ways to use a Media Mount on your wheelchair lap tray

The Media Mount is a flexible and multi-purpose mounting stand that can support a whole range of different items on your or your child’s Trabasack wheelchair lap tray.

Made from soft velour fabric with a strip of hook tape, which words like Velcro, the Media Mount can hold any device or item in place and at the right angle, whether you’re in a wheelchair, sitting on the sofa or lying in bed.

It can also be attached to your Curve Connect or Mini Connect lap tray for added security – ideal when moving around in your wheelchair or travelling.

This product is extremely versatile and flexible and can be used in a number of ways. What’s more, because the grab handles are large, manoeuvring and positioning it is easy.

You can buy the Media Mount now for £19.95, and you can find out more below about it’s range of uses.

Electronic devices

Trabasack Media Mount device stand wrap around a tablet

The Media Mount can hold electronic items perfectly in place, including a smartphone, tablet or kindle, with or without support. You can also adjust the postition too, so that the screen is angled just right for you.

It can also support many other devices too, such as television remotes, game console controllers, switches and communication aids.

This makes it useful while at home, on your travels, at work, at school, or anywhere else, for both adults and children.

Sensory play toys 

Trabasack Curve Connect wheelchair lap tray and bag with toy on top

Incorporating the Media Mount into your child’s sensory playtime is the ideal way of enabling them to enjoy this time and develop.

The Media Mount can act as a barrier at the edge of their Trabasack so that their hand positions and movements are kept to that area of the tray. It can also be used to hold a particular object in place so that it can be used more easily.

If you’re using bottles as music makers, for example, you could position them securely with the Media Mount and then let your child enjoy the playtime without worrying about them going missing or being knocked over.

For added security when your child is playing, you might also want to consider buying some Hook Tapes as well as these will ‘stick’ the item to the tray.

Arts, crafts and reading

Drawing of the Trabasack Media Mount holding a book open

The Media Mount can be used to support books you are reading, removing the need for you to hold them in place. It can also prop up a sketch pa,d or any art project that you may be working on, tilting it up so that you can see it better.

Plus, because it can be twisted into any shape and will stick to itself, you can wrap it around awkward items too, which also makes it useful for craft hobbies.

It can be used to keep separate elements of your project apart, and it can provide extra support for instructional guides or knitting patterns, making it easy to read as you work.

Bottles and bowls

Drawing of the Trabasack Media Mount device stand wrapped around a bottle

The Media Mount can also be used to hold bottles of drink, bowls of food and snacks.

This is useful if you’re snacking in front of the telly, enjoying a picnic in the park, dining at a restaurant or need to keep liquids to hand while you travel.

These are just some of the ways the Media Mount can be used for adults and children – to access technology, play with toys, enjoy arts and crafts and treat yourself with food and a beverage, but there are many more possibilities.

The Media Mount device stand costs £19.95 and available to purchase on the Disability Horizons Shop.

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