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World Cerebral Palsy Day 2023

Celebrating World Cerebral Palsy Day 2023: Stronger Together

About World Cerebral Palsy Day 2023

World Cerebral Palsy Day in 2023 was celebrated on October 6th. The theme this year highlighted the value of community, ‘Together Stronger.’

The day aims to raise awareness about cerebral palsy, a lifelong motor disorder affecting movements. It’s a global event featuring education drives, workshops, and social events. The day also serves as a platform to foster understanding about the causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnostics, and treatment options of cerebral palsy, and to acclaim the remarkable achievements of individuals with cerebral palsy

Stronger Together: Products to Promote Social Inclusivity

To mark this day, we’ve selected products that can make daily life easier for those with cerebral palsy.

Active Hands Gripping Aid

small item gripping aid, a woman does make upActive Hands Gripping Aid is designed to help people with limited hand function engage in activities that require a strong grip. This aid allows individuals with cerebral palsy to participate in sports or exercise, promoting inclusivity in active communities. The small item gripping aid pictured is also useful for putting on make-up and delicate tasks! It’s not just about aiding in daily tasks but also about enabling a fuller, more active life.

Curve Wheelchair Lap Tray and Bag

Offers a stable surface and storage. Check out Zach Anner, who also has cerebral palsy, enhancing his gaming experience using an Xbox Adaptive Controller with a Trabasack Curve Connect.

The Trabasack Curve Connect offers a stable surface for various activities, including gaming. It allows individuals with cerebral palsy to engage in social activities like gaming, fostering a sense of community and inclusion. The Curve Connect is not just a functional aid but a social enabler.


Deluxe Hand Exerciser

Aids in muscle strength. The Deluxe Hand Exerciser is designed to improve hand and finger strength, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals with cerebral palsy engaging in community sports or activities that require hand strength. Improving physical capabilities, also opens doors to social inclusion and community participation. This aligns well with the “Stronger Together” theme by empowering individuals to be part of group activities.

Daily Pill Organiser

Makes medication management easier

Managing medication is crucial for participation in daily activities. The Daily Pill Organiser simplifies this task, making it easier for individuals with cerebral palsy to be consistent with their medication and thus more able to engage in community activities.

Classic Pro Folding Reacher

classic reacher grabber for accessing objects out of reachThis reacher allows individuals to pick up items without bending, making it easier to participate in activities like community clean-ups or gardening clubs. For someone with cerebral palsy, this tool can make a significant difference in their ability to be active in community settings. It supports the “Stronger Together” theme by enabling more diverse types of participation in community activities.


Buckingham Easywipe

Aids in personal hygiene.

The Buckingham Easywipe assists with personal hygiene, a fundamental need that, when met, can boost confidence and social interaction. For someone with cerebral palsy, this tool can remove barriers to being out and about in the community. It supports the “Stronger Together” theme by promoting independence and, consequently, social inclusion.


AbleSling Transfer Sling

Aids in safe transfers particularly on flights.

The AbleSling Transfer Sling aids in safe and comfortable transfers, making it easier for individuals with cerebral palsy to join in various activities and holidays abroad with friends or family. Whether it’s transferring on an aircraft or to a wheelchair from a swimming pool, this sling helps make participation possible. It embodies the “Stronger Together” theme by facilitating easier mobility and, therefore, more social interaction.


Rollator Walker with Seat

blue rollator with seatProvides mobility and rest.

The Rollator Walker provides both mobility and a convenient seat, enabling individuals with cerebral palsy to be part of outdoor activities and social gatherings. It offers the freedom to move and the comfort to rest, making longer outings more feasible. This fits the “Stronger Together” theme by making public spaces more accessible and inclusive.

Leg Lifters

Leg Lifters assist in lifting legs, facilitating easier transfers into cars or onto beds. This simple tool can make outings and social visits much more accessible for someone with cerebral palsy. By aiding mobility, it helps individuals be part of community activities, aligning with the “Stronger Together” theme.

World Cerebral Palsy Day

The theme for this year’s #WorldCerebralPalsyDay is “#TogetherStronger,” emphasizing the power of community and collective action. These carefully selected products not only aid individuals with cerebral palsy in their daily lives but also foster inclusivity and social participation. By using these aids, we can truly embody the spirit of being “Stronger Together” in the cerebral palsy community and beyond.

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