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Active Hands gripping aid for general use


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  • Holding general day-to-day items
  • Use gym equipment, i.e. holding weights, using a rowing machine
  • Take part in sports, i.e. snooker, tennis, badminton
  • Independently complete DIY projects, i.e. using a saw or hammer
  • Be involved in gardening

The Active Hands gripping aid is designed to help disabled people with limited hand function take part in activities and everyday tasks. If you have had a stroke, suffered a spinal injury or developed a condition that affects your hand function, the Active Hands gripping aid can help you to maintain your independence.

All Active Hands gripping aids are built to last. The aids are made from tough webbing and comfortable but durable neoprene, which is used to make wet suits. The multi-purpose gripping aid will withstand regular use, even for strenuous activities. On top of all that they are also machine washable.

Make sure to check our full range of Active Hands gripping aids and choose the right one for you.

Active Hands gripping aid is available in three sizes, please refer to the size guide below.

Please note that the Active Hands general purpose gripping aid is sold as a single left or right glove, not as a pair.

Scroll down to see the Active Hands general purpose gripping aid in action.

Read our interview with the creator of Active Hands Rob Smith.

Size Guide:

A = Wrist

Small: Standard: Large:
135mm – 150mm 145mm – 185mm 180mm – 220mm
5.3″-5.9″ 5.7″-7.2″ 7.1″-8.7″

B = Wrist to Middle Finger

Small: Standard: Large:
135mm – 175mm 175mm – 210mm 195mm – 280mm
5.3″-6.9″ 6.8″-8.3″ 7.7″-11.0″





Left, Right


Standard, Small, Large

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