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Image is a photograph of four types of Hydrate for Health drinks aids, including the Hydrant, the maternity Hydrant, the Sports Hydrant and the WaterDrop

The Hydrant – a solution to hydration problems

Many people, especially those with health conditions and disabilities, often find it difficult to drink unaided. Hydrate for Health has created a range of hydration products that allow anyone to drink with dignity and ease.

Due to either physical disabilities, strength and muscle problems, or motor skill issues, many of us find ourselves at greater risk of dehydration in our daily lives.

Having a health condition or disability can make it more difficult to get a drink without help. Whether it is because you are unable to hold, carry or lift drinks, this can mean needing help from another person to have a drink.

Good hydration is key to countless health conditions and illnesses and essential for an ordinary healthy life. Having to ask for help when you need a drink, can be undignified and removes an aspect of independence.

The innovative Hydrant drinks system, created by Queen’s Award winners Hydrate for Health, solves the issue of staying hydrated – with a hands-free drinks system that can be accessed by anyone, at any time, in any position.

Included in the range of hydration systems created by Hydrate for Health are the Hydrant, the WaterDrop and the Sports Hydrant – each unique hydration aid allowing millions of people around the UK to independently stay healthy and hydrated with dignity.

The Hydrant and the WaterDrop have trusted hydration aids that are used in both home and professional healthcare settings, including care homes and the NHS – with sustained hydration proven to shorten the length of time many patients have to stay in hospital.

Read below for a selection of testimonials from some of the happy customers and healthcare professionals who have tried and tested the Hydrate for Health range of hydration aids.

Julian Stalley

“I am a 56-year-old paraplegic T4 complete, and have been for the past 12 years. During the night, I need to drink water frequently and thanks to The Hydrant, there is no more knocking glasses over, fumbling for bottles, or the bed remote to sit myself up, tipping water down my neck, waking me and unable to get back sleep.

Now I am almost drinking in my sleep what a great relief. I will place an order for another to use when driving my car, great product.”

Diane Gilmour

“We got the Hydrant for our 13-year-old son who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and was losing the power to lift his arms and like most 13-year-old boys wanted to be independent so rather than ask for help with lifting his drink and didn’t like using straws because he felt too old and said straws were for little kids, not teenagers avoided drinking.

Having the hydrant gave him independence and now he has no problems drinking and is very happy to use this even when we go out we hook the bottle on the back of his wheelchair and passes the tube discretely round under his arm and clips to his clothing were he can then drink from the mouthpiece easily.”

Liz Evans, Nutrition Nurse Specialist

“The Hydrant is a wonderful piece of equipment. It means that patients who were unable to get a drink without asking for help now have full independence at all times.

It is easy to use, and has passed all infection control tests run by our Trust so we have no concerns at all about patient safety. It has hugely improved the quality of life for our spinal patients and as such The Hydrant should be a standard part of any hospital’s armour in the battle against dehydration.”

Phil Walker

“I have just spent the last four weeks in the hospital, three weeks of which were complete bed rest on my back with a collar on. I came off my bicycle and have c2 and c3 spinal fracture.

Luckily the ward I was on was trialling the Hydrant. It was an absolute saviour, there is no way I would have stayed anywhere near hydrated without it. Staffing levels were not adequate to enable me to feed with a cup and straw at will. I’ve very thankful for the nurse who gave me the Hydrant, and for you who made it!”

Cathy Doswell, Littleport Grange Nursing Home

“The Hydrant has been very successful with one of our residents that ordinarily had three to four beakers on her bedside table. The good thing with the system is that this lady can now be more independent with her fluid intake as she does not have to wait or rely on staff being available to replenish her beakers. Thanks again.”

See our full range of drinking aids from Hydrate for Health to discover how they could help you.

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