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Review of the Trabasack Max wheelchair bag and lap tray

Zec Richardson, a blogger and reviewer at Satonmybutt, is part of our in-house team and will be taking a closer look at some of our products. This time, he is talking about the Trabasack Max wheelchair bag and lap tray.

I have used a couple of the Trabasack bag/lap trays, but the Max is the largest and most luxurious in the Trabasack range.

The Trabasack Max is basically a mix between a laptop bag, briefcase and lap tray – its design is pure genius.

It measures 43 × 33 × 12.5cm and will hold a laptop with a screen size up to the size of 15.6 inches.

It has a very sturdy carry handle and a shoulder strap, with two D rings on either side and a D ring on the front near the carry handle.

The Trabasack Max is not just for someone with a disability – it’s also ideal if you want to be able to securely carry a laptop and documents, and want to be able to work comfortably on your lap.

Trabasack Max wheelchair bag open with red inside

Inside the main compartment, which is accessed via two zips that have a lock loop, there is a large document pocket that is secured with a Velcro tab, a document pocket with a zip, a mesh pocket and a clear card pocket.

The top can be secured using two straps that attach via Velcro to stop the top from falling open.

In the bottom of the main compartment, there are two sets of Velcro straps. These enable you to secure a full-size laptop or a smaller device, such as an iPad or something similar, in place.

The top of the case acts as a tray and has a wipe-clean surface. It also had a padded rim around the edge to stop your laptop or paperwork from sliding off.

It also has a shoulder strap so you can carry it easily. If you’re seated, you can pass the strap around your back to stop it from falling off your lap whilst you work or eat. You can also unclip the strap when it’s not needed.

On the base is a zipped compartment containing two small beanbags. This makes the Max very comfortable to have on your lap, and gives added protection around the case and your laptop.

For me, this means I can use my laptop whilst sat in my wheelchair knowing that it is secure.

The compartment can also be extended by opening up the zip around the edge, enabling you to add items to it if needed.

As well as wheelchair users, this bag will also appeal to commuters who want to work on the train or bloggers who want to be able to write outdoors. I think this is a fantastic product!

The Trabasack Max wheelchair bag and lap tray costs £74.95 from the Disability Horizons Shop.

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Video review of the Trabasack Max laptop bag

If you have enjoyed this review check out Zec’s YouTube channel and his website Satonmybutt. You can also find him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

By Zec Richardson

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