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Trabasack Hook Tapes

Practical and fun ways to use Hook Tapes on your Trabasack wheelchair lap tray

The Trabasack is a wheelchair lap tray that can be easily attached to any buggy or wheelchair and can be used for playtime, snack time and movie time. For added safety, with the Connect range, you can secure items by using the Trabasack Hook Tapes.

Hook Tape is basically like Velcro and comes with a self-adhesive backing that lets you attach almost anything to your Trabasack where it will remain safe while at home, work, school and/or out and about.

Paired with any Trabasack wheelchair lap tray in the Connect range, Hook Tapes can attach to:

  • any electronic device – such as laptops, tablets, kindles and portable DVD players
  • toys – including sensory, educational and entertainment
  • snack packs, plates and bowls to stop them from spilling over.

You get 120cm of tape in four handy 30cm lengths, which gives you the flexibility to suit your needs.

Buy the Hook Tapes for your wheelchair lap tray now for just £2.95

Sensory toys attached with rough velcro tape

How to use Hook Tapes to attach portable devices to your Trabasack?

You can easily attach anything to your Trabasack Connect tray using Hook Tapes by following these simple steps:

  1. Attach your Trabasack to you or your child’s wheelchair, either with ‘side straps’ supplied or by putting the long strap around you or your child’s waist or the back of the chair.
  2. Place the Hook Tape on the bottom of your item using the stick-on backing and with the rough side facing down.
  3. Place your item in position on the tray so that you or your child can see what they need to clearly and comfortably. You can easily move it and change position if you need to by pulling it off like you would with Velcro.

Back of a white tablet computer case, with two parallel strips of black adhesive hook tape on the back.

Enjoying films and games with your Trabasack using Hook Tapes

Combining a Trabasack Connect with Hook Tapes gives you or your child the independence and accessibility to enjoy films and games in your or their own time.

From experience, we know that children often enjoy watching their favourite programmes and films many times over – something that not all adults relish quite so much!

To solve this problem, many parents buy a portable device for their child so that they can enjoy a DVD or pre-loaded film without the rest of the family having to join in.

If your child has a Trabasack, you can simply use the Hook Tape to attach their portable device, enabling them to have their own private cinema space right in front of them.

The same can be said for gaming, where either a portable gaming station is attached to the tray, or the tray is used to hold the controller in place.

Plus, this solution doesn’t just apply to kids – it’s a great option for adults, whether you want to watch a film, play a game or do any other hobby you wish.

You might want to also consider the Media Mount, which will help you to hold items in place at the just right angle.

Trabasack is being used for a gaming console. Attached with side straps at the armrests.


Travelling securely with your Trabasack using Hook Tapes

Hook tape is great for when you’re out and about because you can secure whatever portable device you or your child wants to use or play with safely to the tray top and it’ll remain in place as you go over lumps and bumps.

It even remains in place if you go up and down ramps on and off buses and trains.

It’s ideal for children with special needs who often have to take long taxi journeys to school and who might want to stay entertained and occupied with a DVD player or laptop secured to the tray during this time.

The same can be said for adults who use a wheelchair and are commuting to work or are travelling on a lengthy trip and need to access their emails or want to stream a box set on their travels.

Using Hook Tapes for work and education


A pack of four 30cms hook tapes

The Hook Tape on a Connect Trabasack can also be valuable while at work or school.

For instance, where portable computers, switches and communication aids are used in classes or meetings, they can easily be stuck into place, used throughout the day and simply removed at the end of it.

Hook Tape for eating safely

You can also use the Hook Tape to attach plates or bowls to your tray, making eating safe and less messy.

This will be particularly useful if you or your child has low motor control or makes sudden movements that could knock your food off the tray and onto the ground.

Hook Tapes for your wheelchair lap tray cost £2.95 and are available to order on Disability Horizons Shop.

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