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Martin Austin of the Daily Sib chatting to Martyn Sibley. Martin Austin has offered a voucher code for the access card which is DHSHOP

Access Card Discount Code

We are pleased to be able to offer a voucher code for the Access Card – the card that helps you to quickly and easily convey your disability and needs. Simply use the code DHSHOP for a £2.50 discount.

It’s been a difficult summer for many of us, particularly if you have a disability or health condition and have been in an extended lockdown or shielding.

I’ve personally been passing the time by enjoying the Daily Sib, a midday series of interviews with the movers and shakers of the disability community, hosted by Martyn Sibley, our Co-founder at Disability Horizons.

One of the interviews that I found particularly interesting was with Martin Austin, who created the Access Card.

Access Card founder Martin Austin MBE on the #DailySib

What is the Access Card?

The Access Card helps you to easily show others that you have a disability and what your access requirements are. For example, it’s perfect to use when booking advanced tickets for a concert, gallery, cinemas and visitor attractions, or to present when you arrive.

It also provides proof of a disability, so is particularly useful right now, during the pandemic, if you need to convey your disability at a safe distance. It would also work perfectly alongside our Social Distancing Lanyard or Mask Exemption Lanyard as a way to store your card and make your exemption or need to socially distance clear.

The card itself displays your name, photograph and the symbols relevant to your needs. There are nine symbols in total, including ‘wheelchair access’, ‘assistance dogs’, ‘audible information’ – you can find out more in our full article about the Access Card.

The scheme is administered by Nimbus Disability, a social enterprise. It is run by disabled people, which means the card was designed with real experiences in mind and valuable knowledge behind it.

It costs £15 and is valid for three years. It has thousands of companies and event venues signed up to the scheme, including Glastonbury Festival.

How can I get the Access Card and discount?

It is a simple process and you can easily apply online or by phone. You will need to provide documentary evidence of your impairments or disability, but if you do not have everything to hand, you can apply and they will contact you afterwards.

They use lots of sources of information to approve your card application, including DLA, PIP, care plans, OT reports, and EHCP statements for children etc..

After Martin’s interview on the Daily Sib, I contacted him to ask if we could help him promote the card on our shop, and he generously offered our customers and readers a voucher code for the Access card.

Get the Access Card and use the voucher code DHSHOP today and enjoy easier access (and free companion access) to many of the venues and shows that you enjoy.

By Duncan Edwards

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