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Keep 2M social distancing card – lanyard or badge


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[su_note note_color=”#ffe2de” radius=”9″]PLEASE NOTE – this is a Social Distancing (KEEP 2M DISTANCE) ID card – please click here if you wish to purchase the MASK EXEMPTION ID card.
Face mask exemption card[/su_note]

  • Quick to put on and easy to read – it communicates the need for people to keep 2M distance from you
  • Lightweight and pocket-sized ID card (like a credit card) – it can be worn anywhere or stored in your bag or pocket for use when you need it
  • Durable and long-lasting design – the ID card is made of strong waterproof acrylic, so won’t damage easily, unlike printable paper signs
  • Includes both a printed lanyard ribbon with or without an additional badge clip, detachable plastic ID card and an open-faced ID cardholder.

Our social distancing lanyard and card is an immediate, visual aid to help others understand the importance of keeping socially distant, particularly if you have a health condition.

If you have been isolating or shielding, you may be concerned that people will not always adhere to safe distancing when you go out. This can be difficult to communicate whilst still keeping your personal space.

The high-visibility colour and eye-catching design of our socially distancing lanyard is an excellent, easy way to help those around you understand your need to keep a safe distance at all times.

Large, bold lettering on the lanyard states “KEEP 2M DISTANCE”. The card – which can clip onto the lanyard or be worn as a badge (if you choose the additional badge clip option) – reads:

I have a health condition
and am at higher risk if
I catch Covid-19
Thank you’

Our lanyard and card could be particularly useful if you are unable to easily or quickly move away from someone who has come too close, for example, because you use a wheelchair, have limited mobility or are visually impaired.

If you have a hidden disability or condition that makes you at greater risk if you catch Covid-19, it’s also a good way to signal to others that social distancing is important for you.

If you are visually impaired and less able to keep distant from others yourself, it will help alert people to stay away from you.

It would be useful children with health conditions or disabilities and adults who might find it difficult to understand the new rules and importance of social distancing.

Made from recycled materials, the waterproof ID card and cardholder, along with 20mm wide lanyard, are robust, allowing you to use them anywhere, in all weathers, for months to come. This makes it a great addition or alternative to the printable signs available online.

There is also the option to purchase the ID card with a badge clip as well as the lanyard, which can be worn on shirts, tops or coats.

The pocked-sized design of the ID, lanyard and badge clip means it can be stored in your coat or bag making it easy to access and put around your neck or pin to you.

The lanyard has a ‘safety break’ clip that detaches in case the lanyard gets caught or tangled. It can also be easily reclosed.

You can choose:

  • 2M social distancing card plus lanyard
  • 2M social distancing card plus lanyard and badge clip

All the 2M social distancing cards with lanyards come fully assembled and are sent same day if ordered before 2pm on a weekday or next working day otherwise.

You might want to also consider our social distancing sashes as an even more visible way to remind others to keep at a distance.

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SD card with lanyard, SD card with lanyard and badge clip

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