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Hook Tapes for Trabasack Connect wheelchair lap trays – 4 velcro strips


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  • Available in 4 handy-sized, pre-cut 30 cm lengths of velcro self-adhesive hook tape
  • Can be paired with any Trabasack Connect wheelchair lap tray
  • Hook Tapes can attach to any electronic device – such as laptops, tablets, kindles and portable DVD players –  toys, snacks and drinks
  • Useful for relaxing at home, attending work or school and while on your travels

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Read our interview with Trabasack co-founder and Disability Horizons Shop manager Duncan Edwards.

Availability: 60 in stock

Trabasack Hook Tapes are Velcro strips with a stick-on backing, allowing you to attach any desired item to the tray surface of the Trabasack Connect range of wheelchair lap tray travel bags.

Paired with any Trabasack Connect, Hook Tapes can attach to:

  • any electronic device – such as laptops, tablets, kindles and portable DVD players
  • toys – including sensory, educational and entertainment
  • snack packs, plates and bowls to stop them from spilling over.

You get 120cm of tape in four handy 30cm lengths, which gives you the flexibility to suit your needs.

How to use Hook Tapes to attach portable devices to your Trabasack?

You can easily attach anything to your Trabasack Connect tray using Hook Tapes by following these simple steps:

  1. Attach your Trabasack to you or your child’s wheelchair, either with ‘side straps’ supplied or by putting the long strap around you or your child’s waist or the back of the chair.
  2. Place the Hook Tape on the bottom of your item using the stick-on backing and with the rough side facing down.
  3. Place your item in position on the tray so that you or your child can see what they need to clearly and comfortably. You can easily move it and change position if you need to by pulling it off like you would with Velcro.
Dimensions 120 cm

Self-adhesive backing – Hook tapes attach to Connect tray surface – Pre-cut to 30cm – 120cm in total

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