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Knork knife and fork in one – 5-piece cutlery set


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NEW – Knork 5-piece sets now available in 3 new sumptuous and stylish finishes.

The Knork is a unique and innovative eating utensil ideal for a multitude of dining experiences.

The Knork is a unique and innovative fork that features bevelled edge along one side, which allows you to use it as a knife. By applying a rocking motion and pressure to the side of the Knork, you can cut through all different types of food with ease without having to use a “sawing” motion.

The Knork is ideal for those who only have one hand available for eating, and totally removes the need for two pieces of cutlery when dining. Plus, because the bevelled edge is not sharp, it safe to use by anyone with limited dexterity and children.

This five-piece stainless steel cutlery set includes an original Knork, smaller salad Knork, knife, dessert spoon and teaspoon.

Now available in a range of elegant, stylish finishes:

  • Classic stainless steel
  • Antique copper
  • Matt clack

The antique copper and matt black sets are stainless steel with a titanium alloy coating.

Check out a review of the Knork 5 Piece Set below from our amazing in house reviewer Zec!


Classic, Copper, Matt black, Brass

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