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HandSteady drinks cup

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HandSteady is the multi-award-winning drinking aid cup designed to provide a dignified and comfortable drinking experience for those with limited dexterity and tremors.

It features a unique, rotating handle that keeps the cup steady and level at any angle, helping to provide a comfortable and dignified drinking experience.

The cup design removes the need to twist delicate wrist muscles to take a drink or having to have to tilt your head backwards. It can be manoeuvred and tilted for drinking by using your other hand, your thumb or simply by using your lips.

The large, easy-grip handle can also be held in the ‘power grip’ using four fingers and also ensures hands are guarded from hot drinks to prevent burnt hands.

The curved rim design ensures a comfortable drinking experience with no drips as the shape directs liquid directly to the centre of your mouth.

Made from a lightweight, robust state-of-the-art material that is stain-resistant and dishwasher proof but  looks very much like your traditional bone china drinking cup.

The HandSteady holds 250ml of liquid and is also insulated to keep drinks warm/cold as desired.
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handSteady Cup: Making Drinking Easier with Confidence

Never Spill Your Drink Again: Try handSteady Cup

Are you tired of spilling your drink and feeling embarrassed in social settings? Do you have limited dexterity, tremor, pain, or weakness, which makes drinking difficult? Look no further than handSteady, the world’s first and only cup with a Rotatable Handle and Hidden Lid that is perfect for people with disabilities or health-related challenges. Our cup provides superior control, comfort, confidence, independence, and dignity.

With handSteady Cup, you can finally drink without spilling, and you can do so with confidence. The Rotatable Handle ensures that the cup remains level and steady, making it easy to drink. The Hidden Lid is hardly visible and keeps drinks hotter for longer, while also reducing spills. Over 20,000 people worldwide have used our cup, and it is recommended by healthcare professionals.

We understand that normal cups can be challenging to use, especially if you have a tremor, pain, limited dexterity, or weakness. But, with handSteady Cup, you can enjoy your drink without the stress of spilling. You can socialize with friends, feeling completely relaxed, without worrying about ruining your clothes or furniture.

Why handSteady Cup is the Solution You Need

  • Stop spills effortlessly with the Rotatable Handle and Hidden Lid
  • Avoid the number one type of cup you should not use if you want to drink with confidence
  • Step-by-step process to drinking easily despite tremor, pain, limited dexterity, weakness, and other challenges

Discover the Benefits of handSteady Cup

  • Superior control, comfort, confidence, independence, and dignity
  • Save time and money cleaning stained clothes, carpets, and furniture
  • Recommended by healthcare professionals and used by over 20,000 people worldwide

Our Commitment to Helping You Drink Easier

  • Patented invention that has won awards from Dyson, the Guardian, Lord Snowdon, and Help the Aged
  • Tested and proven approach to stopping spills

Bought this cup to aid my partner who suffers with hand tremors. The cup holds both hot and cold drinks and the lid stays on securely. There is a small hole in the lid for those who may need to use a straw. The cup washes well and it is light so can easily be carried in handbag. Would definitely recommend to others.
T.C. – UK

My wife has Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, suffers from hand tremors. It is sturdy, safe to hold and easy to clean.
S.B. – UK

Bought this for elderly gentleman with Parkinson’s. Have tried so many different types mug – It’s amazing… what a find… corrects itself with a rotating handle. It looks like an everyday mug so he doesn’t feel uncomfortable using it in company.
W.F. – UK

Dimensions 7 × 7 × 11 cm

Curved Rim, Lightweight, Dishwasher Safe, Shatter Proof, Rotating, Self-Levelling Handle, Stays Upright, Ergonomic Design

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