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Kingfisher® height adjustable bath seat


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  • Designed to make getting in and out of the bath easier and safer
  • Secure non-slip suckers that attach the bath seat to the bottom of any bath
  • Super compact design allows you to fully stretch out your legs
  • Easy to tidy away so other family members can use the bathroom
  • Made from strong moulded plastic
  • Available in 4 heights – 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″
  • Weight capacity – 200kg (30 stone)

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Enjoy the pleasures of bath time without the worry of slipping or not knowing how to get out of the bath. This Kingfisher® height adjustable bath seat is sturdy and ideal for disabled people and allows you to safely sit and relax while having a wash.

The Kingfisher® bath seat will fit into the curve of the bath so you can stretch your legs out fully. This bath seat will comfortably fit the majority of baths including corner baths.

It is designed to make getting in and out of the bath easier and safer. The bath seat can be used for bathing or showering. The gentle contours of the bath seat ensure complete comfort and the front cutaway enables personal cleaning. The slatted surface enables quick drainage and the anti-slip surface means you can sit without the worry of slipping or falling.

This bath seat provides support people with stiff joints, limited mobility, are living with long-term disability or unsteady on your feet.

The lightweight bath aid weighs only 1.45kg. Because of this it is easy to remove when other people want to use the bath or if you want to take it with you when travelling.

The bath seat can be used with the bath board or on its own.

How to use the bath seat?

Place the bath seat in the bath before filling with water, pressing down firmly to secure the sucker feet.

To remove it from the bath, lift the suction release tabs on each of the sucker feet. It is easily maintained with a non-abrasive cleaner suitable for use with plastic baths.



6", 8", 10", 12"

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