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Peta Mini Easi-Grip scissors

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The Peta-UK Mini Easi-Grip scissors are lightweight, self-opening scissors – designed specifically to aid those with joint conditions and weak hands and wrists, such as arthritis.

The lightweight design means only gentle pressure has to be applied to make an incision, and the polymer looped handle ensures the scissors automatically reopen once pressure has been released.

The compact, pocket-sized design makes them ideal for both home and handbag, and the fine pointed blade is guaranteed to give you precise accuracy for even the most intricate of cutting tasks.

Each pair of Mini Easi-Grip scissors comes with a blade guard for safe storage, and can be used in either the left or right hand.

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Check out a review of the full Peta Easi-Grip Set by our amazing in house reviewer Zec!

Full Set – https://shop.disabilityhorizons.com/products/kitchen-aids-specialist-kitchen-equipment/peta-uk-easi-grip-nail-care-set/

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