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Buying Pre-owned Disability Equipment

Many years ago Guy Harris Set up disabledgear.com to allow people to buy and sell disabilty equipment. Disability equipment can be expensive and because there are fewer buyers, difficult to sell. Unfortunately Disabledgear .com is no longer an active website. I have wanted to relaunch the service for many years (with Guy’s blessing, who is a good friend and business colleague!) I have just launched a service to sell used equipment on my new site disabilityhealthshop.com. I hope to add a facility to allow others to sell their “no longer needed items” soon too…

In the meantime lets look some of at the benefits of buying second hand mobility and disability items:

The Benefits of Buying Used Disability Equipment

For disabled people, having the right equipment can make all the difference in maintaining independence and quality of life. However, new disability equipment like wheelchairs, walkers, and profiling beds can be very expensive. Buying used disability equipment is an excellent way to save money while still getting safe, functional products. Here are some of the top benefits of buying used disability gear.

Cost Savings of Buying Used Equipment

The main advantage of purchasing used disability equipment is the significant cost savings compared to new items. For example, a new power wheelchair can cost anywhere from £1,000 to £35,000, while a used model may be available for a fraction of that price. For those on a fixed income or with limited insurance coverage, buying used equipment is often the only affordable option.

One of the most compelling reasons to buy and reuse disability equipment is the cost savings.

Savings Table

Equipment Type New Cost (£) Reused Cost (£) Savings (£)
Rollator £80-300 £30-100 £50-200
Crutches £35 £15 £20
Walking sticks £30-70 £5-20 £25-50

As the table shows, you can save a significant amount by opting for reused equipment. For example, a reused rollator can save you £200 compared to a new one. These savings add up, especially if you need multiple items.


Quality-used equipment still provides the functionality needed by the user. Options like lift chairs, mobility scooters, and adapted vehicles can be found used in nearly new condition, but with huge discounts. As long as the equipment is well-maintained and any necessary repairs are made, used items can serve their purpose very well.

Environmental Benefits

Reusing disability equipment also has ecological advantages. When fewer new items need to be manufactured, it conserves resources and energy and reduces pollution and waste. By extending the usable life of equipment through reuse, we can leave less of an environmental footprint.

Environmental Benefits
Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash

When you reuse equipment, you reduce waste and lower the demand for new products. This means fewer resources are used, and less waste ends up in landfills. It can also save the NHS money if you are able to buy something quickly and cheaply that you may have to otherwise wait for.

Supporting Others

Some people with disabilities either get better or update their equipment. Buying their used items helps them financially. It also makes these items cheaper for others to buy later. This also creates an affordable “pool” of equipment that can be passed on to benefit others.

Safe Shopping Tips

When looking for used disability gear, stick to reputable classifieds sites or speciality reuse stores. You can choose a trusted site like Disability Health Shop where experienced staff check, clean, and inspect the quality of each item before sale. Always look for any damage, this should be highlighted in text or photos by the seller. Ask about its age, how it’s been cared for, and why it’s being sold. For bigger items, think about a test drive or trying it at home. Being careful can make buying used a smart way to save.

Buying refurbished mobility equipment, assistive devices, and other gear can make independence and an enhanced quality of life more financially achievable. While being mindful of product conditions and safety, purchasing used disability items is an excellent budget-conscious choice.

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