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Buckingham Healthcare

Buckingham Healthcare Ltd.

Why we stock Buckingham Healthcare Products

Buckingham Healthcare Ltd, are pioneers in healthcare solutions since 2003. They specialise in designing and manufacturing aids for daily living, enhancing the quality of life for disabled and older people.

Helping People Help Themselves

20 Years of Innovation

Chris Buckingham in her office with Glideboard-transfer-boards, the walking frame caddy, Easywipe bottom-wiper and BraBuddy dressing aid behind herTheir mission is to empower people through innovative healthcare products. Driven by Christine Buckingham, a senior Occupational Therapist, her background in occupational therapy allows her to identify specific challenges and create unique solutions.

“To invent products that genuinely help people is possibly the most exciting and rewarding aspect of my job.”

With real-life experience of the daily challenges people face, they have created more than 12 patented products. They aim is to increase independence and improve the quality of life through innovative daily living aids.

Buckingham Healthcare’s Market-Leading Products

Buckingham Caddy

The journey began with the Buckingham Caddy, a versatile aid for wheeled walking frames. It allows users to transport daily living items safely and independently. This product has made them a household name in healthcare settings.

Compact Easy Wipe

compact easy wipe bottom wiper shown unfoldedThe Compact Easy Wipe is a revolutionary bottom wiper. It’s simple to use, easy to clean, folds, and designed for maximum reach. It works well with both toilet tissue and wet wipes. It is small and portable and can be carried easily and discreetly.

Foldeasy Toilet Frame

The Foldeasy Toilet Frame is a fully folding and adjustable portable frame and is the best portable toilet rail safety frame on the market. It ensures safe toilet use and is versatile enough for homes, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Their Latest Innovation: The Glideboard Transfer Board

The Story Behind the Glideboard

The Glideboard is not just another product; it’s a labour of love and expertise. Chris Buckingham, the founder of Buckingham Healthcare, has over 15 years of experience as an occupational therapist, previous to starting the business. Her passion for solving real-life problems led to the creation of the Glideboard.

blue and green glideboard transfer boardThe Glideboard was developed in collaboration with the Orthopaedic Research Institute at Bournemouth University. It aims to make transfers easier and safer for both the user and the carer. The design reduces the effort required by up to 31%, making it the most stable and easy-to-use transfer board available.

“Every product we’ve made is based on real people that I have worked with. Every product exists because there’s been a particular person with a story and need.” – Chris Buckingham

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, strong, and stable
  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Offers multi-use from different surfaces
  • Specially designed handles for various positioning
  • Easy to clean with no dirt traps

“This innovative design hopes to increase the independence of patients with limited mobility, thereby increasing their quality of life. It is anticipated that this new technology will reduce the risk of falls during transfer, as well as the risk of skin shearing and pressure ulcers.” – Professor Tom Wainwright, Deputy Head of ORI

Why do we Choose Buckingham Healthcare Products for our shop

  • Experience: Over 20 years in healthcare product development.
  • Innovation: Awarded an Innovate UK Smart Grant for research and design.
  • Quality: All products are researched, and designed in the UK, and many are now also manufactured in the UK.
  • Collaboration: They consistently work with disabled people and healthcare experts such as those from Salisbury Hospital Spinal Unit, Wimborne and Portsmouth Social Services, when developing products.

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