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Buckingham bed and chair raisers

£29.99 (£24.99 ex VAT)

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  • Easy to adjust and fit on any chair or bed
  • Made from durable plastic that will last
  • Can be used at home or when staying away

Chair and bed raisers are designed to safely elevate your favourite chair or bed so that you can move from seated to standing more comfortably.

These durable, strong raisers are designed to ensure your furniture remains steady and level whilst in use, and are easily height-adjustable to provide the perfect height of accessibility for day-to-day use.

There are four raisers in each pack, along with furniture adaptors that make them suitable for use with all types of chair legs, castors and beds.

Scroll down to watch our video review and to see how the chair and bed raisers work.

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Technical Information:

– The Furniture Raisers can be used to raise the height of furniture with legs or castors.

5 to 12 ½cm (2 to 5”) height adjustment range for furniture with legs.

7 ½ to 15cm (3 to 6”) height adjustment range for furniture with castors.

7cm (2 ¾”) maximum diameter for round legs

5cm (2”) square maximum for square legs

Weight rated to 500kg (78 stone) including weight of furniture and occupant(s).

Full detailed user instructions available here: MFR1-Instructions-150217-v3

Check out a review of the Buckingham bed and Chair raisers below from our amazing in house reviewer Zec!

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