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composite image showing a wheelchair user on a canal path with pushrims, and groovy textured pushrims. Text: Groovy Pushrims a better grip for tetraplegics"

Tetra Push Rims: Grip your wheels with Groovy Pushrims


Tetra Push Rims: Extra Grip with Large Surface Area Wheelchair Pushrims

“The Tetra Push Rim are brilliant, but not only for Tetraplegics, they’re great for everyone as increase the amount of grip available even when cold or wet for everyone. No longer do I have to worry about slopes and ramps or holes in the pavement/road.” Derek, shop newsletter subscriber

Designed specifically for tetras, “Groovy” push rims fit over wheelchair hand rims, creating exceptional grip. This ergonomic design makes pushing easier, and improves control and steering control, and can help minimise joint strain.

tetra push rims with grooves in them, black wheelchair pushrims in a packet branded "Rehadesign"



Key Features of Tetra Push Rims

Feature Description
Innovative Design Specialised tread pattern for robust non-slip grip, specifically for tetraplegics.
Enhanced Grip A larger gripping surface provides an ‘anti-slip coating’, optimised for exerting more pressure with less effort.
Ergonomic Design Conforms to the natural shape of the hand, reducing strain and enhancing comfort.
Material Quality High-quality, durable materials for strength and longevity, with a lightweight design.
Reduce Risk of Injury Pushing is easier, helps in preventing long-term issues like joint pain and repetitive strain injuries
Steering and Control Better steering control for safer and more efficient handling, especially in challenging environments.
Pressure Distribution Optimises the distribution of pressure, aiding in propulsion and steering. Kinder on your hands.
Performance Optimisation Contributes to the overall performance of the wheelchair, making it more responsive and comfortable.

Another Innovative Product from Rehadesign

The Groovy Pushrims are engineered with a thick tread pattern, similar to that found on bicycle tires, which provides a robust non-slip grip. This design is crucial for tetraplegics, who may have limited hand function and strength.

This design provides tetraplegics with a larger gripping surface, optimised for exerting more pressure with less effort.

Improving control over the wheelchair, making steering, accelerating, and braking safer. They reduce the physical strain, making propulsion more efficient and less taxing on the joints. and more efficient.

The thick rubber grooves are much more durable than alternatives like non-slip coatings, which can scratch or wear off. The grippy material increases friction to make steering your wheelchair much safer too. Going uphill requires less physical effort too.


Shows the the thick grooves on the push rims like bicycle tires. Text overlay "More surface area means better grip"

Ergonomics and Comfort using Wheelchair Pushrims

The ergonomic design of Groovy Pushrims means they conform to the natural shape of the hand, offering a more comfortable and natural grip. This feature is particularly beneficial for tetraplegics, who may struggle with traditional pushrims due to limited hand functionality. The ergonomic design not only makes the wheelchair easier to use but also helps in preventing long-term issues like joint pain and repetitive strain injuries.


Material Quality and Durability in Groovy Pushrims

Durability is a key factor in the design of Groovy Pushrims. Made from high-quality materials, these pushrims withstand the rigours of daily use while maintaining their structural integrity and grip quality. The thick rubber materials ensure that the pushrims are not only strong and reliable but also lightweight, adding minimal weight to the wheelchair.

The Impact of Material Choice on Performance and Safety

The materials used in Groovy Pushrims also play a crucial role in safety and performance. The anti-slip surface provides a secure grip in various weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance and safety. Additionally, the materials are resistant to wear and tear, guaranteeing a longer lifespan and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Steering and Control: Enhanced by Groovy Push Rims

The precise design of Groovy Push Rims allows for better steering control and safer handling of the wheelchair. This is particularly important in situations where manoeuvring can be challenging, such as navigating through tight spaces or over uneven surfaces. The push rims make the wheelchair more responsive to the user’s movements, providing a sense of security and control.

wheelchair user on a flat country a canal towpath. dressed in outdoor sports clothing, prepared for a journey along the lane. The surrounding scenery includes lush greenery and a tranquil canal

Adapting Wheelchairs for Tetraplegics: The Role of Groovy Push Rims

For tetraplegics, adapting a wheelchair to their specific needs is crucial. Groovy Push Rims play a vital role in this adaptation, providing enhanced manoeuvrability and independence. Their design takes into account the unique challenges faced by tetraplegics, such as limited triceps function and hand mobility, making steering the wheelchair much safer and more efficient.

How Do Wheelchair Pushrims Help Tetraplegics with Different Levels of Tricep Function?


  • Pushing a manual wheelchair with pushrims varies for tetraplegics based on tricep function.
  • The triceps are essential for elbow extension, and crucial in wheelchair propulsion.
  • Tetraplegics with tricep function have more force and control, leading to efficient movement and less upper body strain.
  • Those with tricep function are typically faster in wheelchair manoeuvres.
  • Tetraplegics without tricep function face more challenges, and may need to modify propulsion technique.
  • They might rely more on deltoids and pectoralis major, increasing the risk of overuse injuries.
  • Wheelchair propulsion for those without tricep function is generally slower and less efficient.
  • Groovy pushrims help distribute pressure on the wheelrims, aiding in efficient propulsion and control during braking.
Aspect Tetraplegics with Tricep Function Tetraplegics without Tricep Function
Propulsion Technique Standard technique Modified technique, shoulder rotation
Muscle Reliance Balanced muscle use Heavier reliance on deltoids, pectoralis major
Risk of Overuse Injuries Lower Higher
Control with Groovy Pushrims Enhanced force and control Assists inefficient propulsion and braking


Pushing in a manual wheelchair with pushrims can differ significantly for tetraplegics with different levels of tricep function. The triceps are crucial for extending the elbow, which is a key movement in wheelchair propulsion.

Recent studies show tetraplegics use different hand movement patterns due to varying muscle strength and control. This affects propulsion efficiency and the impact forces on the upper body.

Understanding these unique movement patterns is crucial in designing assistive devices like Groovy Pushrims. By accommodating the specific biomechanical needs of tetraplegics, these push rims can improve propulsion efficiency, reduce physical strain, and increase mobility.

The research highlights the importance of specific products designed for specific disabilities and impairments.

Are they easy to fix on my existing push rims?

It’s very easy to add them. They are split and you wrap them over the top of your existing pushrims. Once they are on, that’s it! They stay on. If you need to move them to another set of wheels in the future that’s easy too. You just find the split and peel them off again.

grooved pushrims shown on a wheel. Text overlay "Mount your pushrims in seconds" A hand showing how to split the rubber to insert the pushrim. Text overlay "They open easily to simplify mounting"


Rehadesign Groovy Pushrims

Groovy Pushrims are another product from Rehadesign who create a range of high-quality accessories for wheelchair users. You may also find their wheelchair gloves useful to improve grip further and protect your hands, specifically strap and roll or gator gloves.

FAQs about Groovy Pushrims

How Do Groovy Pushrims Enhance Wheelchair Control for Tetraplegics?

Answer: Groovy Pushrims enhance wheelchair control through their unique grooved design which offers a superior grip. This design allows tetraplegics, who may have limited hand strength, to manoeuvre their wheelchairs more effectively, providing better steering, acceleration, and braking control.

Are Groovy Pushrims Compatible with All Wheelchairs?

Answer: Groovy Pushrims are designed to be compatible with most manual wheelchairs. However, it’s advisable to check the wheel size for compatibility before purchasing. The usual size is 24 inches. You need to measure the wheel, not the pushrim size.

What Are the Long-Term Benefits of Using Groovy Pushrims?

Answer: The long-term benefits include reduced risk of hand and wrist strain, improved propulsion efficiency, and decreased fatigue. The ergonomic design also helps in preventing repetitive strain injuries common in traditional pushrim users.

How Do Weather Conditions Affect the Performance of Groovy Pushrims?

Answer: Groovy Pushrims are designed with materials that maintain a good grip in various weather conditions. The anti-slip nature of rubber ensures consistent performance and safety, even in wet or slippery conditions.


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