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Light Switch Extender for Wheelchair Users

Discovering the Switch Assist

I’m always looking for products that can make life easier and help people be more independent. That’s why I was excited to discover Switch Assist, a simple yet effective solution for controlling light switches. This innovative product is another weapon in the armoury for many disabled people, especially those who are new to using a wheelchair or are temporarily using one due to injury or surgery.

Environmental controls (being able to change your home environment) can significantly improve the lives of disabled people by promoting independence, enhancing health outcomes, and increasing overall quality of life. Research studies have demonstrated the positive impact of environmental controls on various aspects of disabled individuals’ lives, from enabling independent living to providing mental and social health benefits.

Being able to turn a light on and off is a ‘taken for granted’ part of daily life, if you can’t do it yourself it can be very frustrating!

The light switch extender being used by a wheelchair user

What is Switch Assist?

Switch Assist is a clever device that extends the reach of standard light switches, making them accessible for people who might struggle to reach them. It was originally designed as a product for children but has since proven to be incredibly useful for disabled adults as well.

The product is straightforward to use – take it out of the box and attach it to your existing light switch using the four suction cups provided. No complicated installation or wiring is required, and it works immediately.

It uses an extended handle with a small wheel. The 4 suckers attach to the switch. As you push or pull the pole the wheel rolls over the switch, turning the light off or on.

Benefits of Switch Assist for Disabled People

One of the main advantages of Switch Assist is that it allows for easy, independent control of light switches. In most homes, light switches are placed at a standard height, which can be difficult or impossible for wheelchair users and other disabled people to reach. With Switch Assist, you can easily turn lights on and off without assistance.

Another significant benefit is the product’s affordability. Many adaptive switch solutions can be expensive, complex, and require professional installation. For example, replacing standard switches with remote-controlled or WiFi-enabled ones can be costly and time-consuming. In contrast, Switch Assist provides a quick, easy, and affordable option that can be installed in minutes.

Diagram showing how to use the switch assist light switch extender

The portability of Switch Assist is also a huge plus. It can be easily removed and taken with you when traveling, ensuring that you have better control over your environment in hotels, Airbnbs, or other accommodations.

Alternatives to Switch Assist

There are other light switch adaptations available for wheelchair users, such as lever extenders or smart switchesΒ that can be controlled through apps or voice commands. However, these alternatives often come with drawbacks like higher costs, complex setup processes, or the need for electrical work.

Switch Assist stands out as a simple, affordable, and effective solution that can be implemented immediately without any hassle.

Switch Assist in the Media

The benefits of Switch Assist have not gone unnoticed. The product was recently featured on the BBC series “Am I Being Unreasonable?” where it appeared multiple times throughout the episodes. Lenny Rush in the show has spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita which causes restricted growth and dwarfism.

Lenny Rush shown with a switch assist

This television exposure introduced Switch Assist to a wider audience, showcasing its potential to improve accessibility and independence for disabled people, and normalising having adaptions in your home.

Light switch extender as featured on 'Am I being unreasonable?' BBC comedy sitcom 2022
Switch assist can be seen on the light switch in the bottom right corner. In the sitcom, the couple have a disabled son played by Lenny Rush



Who Can Benefit from Switch Assist?

Switch Assist can be a valuable tool for a wide range of people, including:

  • New wheelchair users who are just learning to adapt to their homes
  • People temporarily using a wheelchair due to injury or surgery
  • Disabled individuals who want an inexpensive and portable switch solution
  • Older people who have difficulty reaching standard switches
  • Those with conditions like arthritis or tremors that make operating regular switches challenging
  • People with dwarfism or other conditions that affect reach and height

Adaptive Light Switch Extender

Switch Assist is a prime example of how a simple, well-designed product can have a profound impact on the lives of disabled people. By providing an affordable, portable, and easy-to-use solution for controlling light switches, Switch Assist empowers individuals to maintain their independence and improve their quality of life.

If you or someone you know struggles with reaching light switches, I highly recommend giving Switch Assist a try. This small investment can lead to another way to get on with enjoying your ordinary day to day life!


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