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Blue Badge Protector anti-theft device with a metal Blue Badge holder and thick cable to go around a steering wheel

Get £10 off the Blue Badge Protector driver’s accessory kit for Christmas

Ahead of Christmas 2020, Blue Badge Protector is offering £10 off its disabled driver’s accessory kit, exclusively for Disability Horizons customers.

THIS OFFER IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE – but you can still buy the disabled driver’s accessory kit.

It includes a Blue Badge Protector – to stop your Blue Badge being stolen – a cosy blanket, first aid kit, radar key, accessible travel guide, portable charger and disabled parking car sticker.

Blue Badge Protector – how this anti-theft device works

Entrepreneur and inventor Freddie started selling Blue Badge protectors after hearing the heartbreaking stories of people having their badge stolen.

The ingenious anti-theft device is easy to use. It comprises of a steel-based sleeve with a clear perspex slide cover for your Blue Badge and a cable.

The cable, which will lie flat and not curl up, goes through the sleeve and your steering wheel. It is 1.2 metre in length and comes with two keys.

Find out more about the Blue Badge anti-theft device and how it works to keep your car safe.

Disabled driver's accessory kit with Blue Badge Protector, a blanket, first aid kit, radar key, accessible travel guide and disabled parking car sticker

Blue Badge theft

Blue Badge theft means not only dealing with the loss of a badge, but also a broken car window. This isn’t cheap to fix and a lot of people can’t cover it with their insurance because the excess is often higher than the replacement cost.

But the real problem is that while someone waits for a new badge – which takes time and energy to organise in itself – they can’t park close by to where they need to go. For some, this stops them going out at all.

Solving these problems are all possible, but each one takes time, effort and money, which compounded makes the whole experience stressful and an anxious moment.

Reviews of the Blue Badge Protector

Over the years, hundreds of disabled people have benefited from the security a Blue Badge Protector can offer.

Here, we’ve collated some of their comments so that you can see for yourself how useful it can be.

Barbara A, April 2020

“There’s been a lot of theft in my area, with thieves breaking into vehicles and stealing Blue Badges. A neighbour of mine recommended this product as her and her husband’s vehicle had been broken into twice. Since I ordered it, I’ve been at ease a lot more. It’s easy to use and very sturdy with a lockable padlock and key.

Sez Lewis, January 2020

“I had my badge stolen and it cost £338 to replace the car window and it took them 3 seconds to smash the window, grab the badge and run off. I had clear CCTV of them, and close-ups of their faces yet nothing, no arrest.

I bought one of these badge protectors and it’s given me peace of mind that my badge is safe – they are definitely worth the money.”

D, June 2019

“IT’S A MUST FOR EVERYONE WHO IS DISABLED PERSON. It’s 99% best thing. Disabled people as ask me where I got it. I’ve told them. Its a must – disabled badges are worth a lot of money on the black market.”

Jamieson, September 2018

“Don’t wait until your Blue Badge is stolen. Excellent easy-to-use product, I just wish I had bought one sooner then maybe my car window wouldn’t have got smashed and my Blue Badge stolen.”

Veronica E, August 2018

“After having my Blue Badge stolen from my car, this protector is ideal. The metal core running through the rubber coil that fits through the steering wheel is a deterrent to any would-be thief in the future.”

BT, August 2018

“This works twofold – it keeps my Blue Badge safe and the fact that it is secured to the steering wheel helps to secure the car too.”

John M, July 2018

“Very happy to have one of these. I had a badge stolen before and it was not a nice feeling. It’s great to have the piece of mind that I won”t need to go through that again.”

Take advantage of our EXCLUSIVE offer for £10 off the disabled driver’s accessory kit NOW before the new year.

You can also read our full interview with Freddie about Blue Badge Protector and his other businesses, the Pie Guide and Parking for Blue Badges, designed to make parking easier if you’re disabled.

By Disability Horizons and Blue Badge Protector

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