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Help Future Disabled Air Travellers and earn £5!

Help Other Disabled Passengers and Earn a £5 Voucher

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At Disability Horizons Shop, we are always keen to help initiatives to improve the lives of disabled people.  Josh Wintersgill, (a friend to the team, a disabled entrepreneur and one of our valued suppliers!) is conducting a survey through his company ableMove Ltd, and Driving Mobility. This survey seeks to understand the experiences of people with postural needs when travelling by air to and from the UK. Learn more about Josh and his mission.

Who is Driving Mobility?

Driving Mobility is a UK charity that accredits 20 driving assessment centres, ensuring common standards and good practices. They offer professional assessments and advice for disabled and older people, aiding in maintaining or regaining independence. The charity collaborates with national bodies like the Department for Transport and provides training to staff and other large organisations.​

Why This Survey is Crucial

Air travel is challenging for many disabled people and can pose huge issues for those with postural seating needs. Addressing these challenges requires a deeper understanding of the unique experiences and needs of these travellers.

Nothing about us without us, right?

This survey is a step towards making air travel more accessible, safe, comfortable, and dignified but first, we need to give them information! Your participation could help shape better flying experiences for many future travellers.

Survey Details

The survey, initiated by Driving Mobility and conducted by ableMove Ltd, aims to collect 200-250 responses to contribute to a broader report on enhancing air travel accessibility. It targets individuals who require additional postural support while seated, especially in an aeroplane seat.

Here’s a breakdown of the survey:

  • Objective: Gather insights on the air travel experiences of those with postural seating needs.
  • Conducted By: Driving Mobility and ableMove Ltd.
  • Data Handling: Your information will remain anonymous, and stored securely for up to five years post-publication.
  • Benefits: On completing the survey, you will receive a £5 Amazon gift voucher.
  • Eligibility: If you have postural seating needs and an interest in flying to or from the UK, this survey is for you.

The survey should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. By participating, you are not only sharing your invaluable experiences but also contributing to critical research to foster better travel experiences for disabled people.

Participate in the survey and make a difference in the lives of disabled air travellers.

Your insights are crucial. Take the survey, share your experience, and help drive a positive change in air travel for all.

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