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Foldable Toilet Safety Frame – the Buckingham Foldeasy

Bathroom Safety with the Buckingham Foldeasy

Who can benefit from a Raised Toilet Frame

A toilet safety frame helps people who have trouble moving or are at risk of falling. It gives you something to hold onto when sitting or standing during toilet use. It can also help you keep your balance and feel safer in the bathroom. It’s good for older people, have health issues, or find it hard to stand by themselves. A toilet surround safety rail makes using the toilet easier and less risky.

Key points for toilet frame surround:

  • Provide extra support when sitting or standing.
  • Make you feel more secure while seated.
  • Prevent abrupt sitting by allowing you to lower yourself gently.

Why the Buckingham Foldeasy is the Best Foldable Toilet Safety Rail

The Buckingham Foldeasy is a portable, folding toilet frame designed to provide support and stability for users while using the toilet. Some of its standout features include:


  • toilet framed folded against a bathroom wall by a lavatoryFully folding and adjustable: The Foldeasy can be easily folded and adjusted to suit different toilet types and environments, making it suitable for home use, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and more. The Buckingham Foldeasy folds flat in just seconds with its innovative folding mechanism, making storage and transport a breeze. When not in use, the folding toilet frame can be conveniently tucked out of the way. Its compact folding size also makes it ideal for taking along on holidays or trips to relatives or friends.
  • Folding footplate: The frame features a folding foot plate that sits flush to the floor and easily attaches to the corresponding leg of the frame, providing stability during use without the need for fixing to the floor.
  • shows the toliet sfety rail around a toilet with easy to hold arm restsComfortable padded armrests: The armrests are designed to aid users in sitting and standing with greater ease and comfort. The sturdy arms of the Buckingham Foldeasy foldable toilet safety frame provide secure support all around, reducing the risk of bathroom accidents and injuries. You can grip the arms firmly for stability and balance, ensuring enhanced safety.
  • Height-adjustable: The Foldeasy can be adjusted in height to accommodate different toilet seat heights and user preferences.

    It provides robust support and fits over most standard toilets. Get the assistance and stability you need, when and where you need it.

  • Portable and easy to store: The frame can be easily folded and transported, making it ideal for holidays or visiting friends and family.
    The free-standing design of the Buckingham Foldeasy toilet frame allows for easy placement and removal wherever needed, without the need for permanent installation. The secure and stable free-standing frame provides safety by giving you something sturdy to hold onto, preventing slips and falls.
  • No assembly required: The free-standing frame snaps into position in seconds, ready to fit around your toilet.

    Lightweight and compact when folded, the portable Buckingham Foldeasy toilet frame is the perfect aid for travel and outdoor activities. Easily take it along in the car, caravan, or trailer without sacrificing space, giving you access to supportive assistance wherever your adventures take you.

  • Weight capacity: The Foldeasy can support users weighing up to 350 lbs (25 stone or 158 kilos).

  • shows how small the toilet surround safety rail is when foldedSmall footprint: The overall width of the frame is 23 inches, with an inside width between the arms of 20.5 inches, and an overall dimension from the back bar to the front of the footplate of 25 inches
  • Easy to Clean: Stainless steel, so just wipe clean.

How to assemble and use the Buckingham Foldeasy Toilet Surround Safety Frame


Follow these quick steps to set up your Buckingham Foldeasy toilet rails:

  1. Open Legs: Place the frame in front of your toilet. Open each leg until they lock.
  2. Lift Frame: Walk into the frame and lift it towards your toilet.
  3. Unclip Footplate: Lower the footplate onto the floor and lock it.
  4. Final Position: Move the frame to its final spot.
  5. Use Armrests: Turn around, place your feet on the footplate, and use the armrests to sit or stand.

What our customers say about the Buckingham Raised Toilet Frame

D BENNETT (verified customer) 

So pleased with my purchase, just perfect for me, not bulky,
fits nicely around my toilet, without permanent fixing to the toilet,
comfy sloping armrests, easy to clean, lightweight,
great fold up design, so I can store away when I don’t need it,
just love it, makes my life so much easier and less painful, as I have developed many problems with my spine.

The Best Portable Toilet Frame, Designed In The UK

The Buckingham Foldeasy is more than just a toilet frame. Designed by Innovate UK winning occupational therapist Christine Buckingham, it’s a comprehensive solution for bathroom safety. Buckingham Healthcare is known for its innovative and essential products that help people with temporary or permanent disabilities live life more confidently. Buckingham Healthcare has over 12 patented products and 10 international trademarks.

With its free-standing design, foldable convenience, and robust support, it’s the ultimate independence bathroom aid for anyone who needs a little extra help in sitting or rising from a toilet.

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