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Disability Horizons and RehaDesign: A Shared Mission

At Disability Horizons, we are committed to sourcing and providing the best products for disabled people. We proudly stock RehaDesign’s innovative range of wheelchair accessories, a company born out of a desire to help people, make their lives a little bit easier, and bring a touch of style and fun to the world of mobility aids.

The Founder’s Journey: From Wheelchairs to Wheelchair Accessories

RehaDesign was founded by Dr. Gene Emmer, an American with a doctorate degree in physiology and a Master’s degree in Business Management from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan Business School. His journey began when he worked for a wheelchair manufacturer. Through his experiences, he learned about the needs and challenges of wheelchair users, inspiring him to create his own line of products, each one designed to solve a specific problem or meet a unique need.

RehaDesign: Where Function Meets Style

RehaDesign’s products are not just functional; they are also designed with a focus on aesthetics. From pushrims and specialist gloves to spoke decorators and wheelchair wheel covers, each product is designed to be practical, durable, and stylish. The wheelchair wheel covers, for example, not only protect carpets and floors but also add a touch of personality to your wheelchair. With RehaDesign, “pimping up your wheelchair” is not just possible, it’s encouraged!

Why We Stock RehaDesign Products

We at Disability Horizons believe in the mission of RehaDesign. We understand that the right wheelchair accessories can make a significant difference in the lives of wheelchair users. By providing these products, we aim to help our customers lead more comfortable, independent, and fulfilling lives. We invite you to explore the RehaDesign range and discover how these products can enhance your mobility experience.

RehaDesign Products: Endorsed by NHS Professionals

We are proud to announce that since introducing RehaDesign products to our inventory, we have become a trusted supplier for an NHS Spinal Unit. The Head Occupational Therapist at the unit now actively recommends RehaDesign’s range of products to their patients, further testament to the quality and effectiveness of these wheelchair accessories.

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