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Don’t Take Me Home! – extra large key fob for important keys


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  • Large key fob with easy to hold and carry shape for people with limited hand function
  • Has “Don’t Take Me Home” in large letters written on it to remind people not to take it away with them
  • Too big for a pocket, discourages people accidentally taking keys home
  • Can be easily hung on a key hook for access in pubs and restaurants
  • Can be bought separately or with our large head genuine brass RADAR keys attached
  • 18.5cms x 7cms, lightweight but super strong
  • 3D printed in the UK from environmentally friendly PLA plastic
  • Originally created for disabled people but many commercial uses, see description below

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This extra large key fob has been created to help identify and prevent losing house keys and disabled toilet RADAR keys that belong to people with a disability or health condition and their families.

It is ideal at home for house keys that may be accidentally taken home by friends, relatives or carers. The large loop shape allows the key fob hoop to be hung up on a key hook easily. It is also easy to hold as it has a hoop shape to get your hand through.

It can also be used for RADAR keys for disabled toilets that are kept locked by public establishments – such as pubs and restaurants. When paired with one of our large head genuine brass RADAR keys, this makes a very easy combination for individuals and public establishments to use when toilets are kept locked.

The “Don’t Take Me Home” lettering provides a large visual reminder to return the key after use, rather than accidentally putting it in a pocket or handbag.

Made from very durable environmentally friendly PLA plastic.

Originally designed for disabled people but many commercial uses see below:

Commercial Uses of the Extra Large Don’t Take me Home Key Fob

For Cleaning Companies

  • Key Organization: Easily manage keys for various locations and cleaning supplies.
  • Prevent Loss: The large visual reminder ensures keys are returned, reducing the risk of loss.

For Museums and Galleries

  • Enhanced Security: Maintain control over secure areas, including exhibit rooms and storage.
  • Accessibility: Simplify access to disabled toilets, enhancing visitor experience.

For Hotels and Hospitality

  • Room Key Management: Manage room keys efficiently, ensuring they are not taken off premises.
  • Facility Access: Control access to facilities like gyms, conference rooms, and more.

For Healthcare Facilities

  • Patient Room Access: Keep track of keys for patient rooms, medicine cabinets, and restricted areas.
  • Safety Compliance: Ensure only authorized personnel have access to sensitive areas.

For Retail Stores

  • Storage Security: Manage keys for storage rooms, ensuring that inventory is secure.
  • Anti-Theft: The key fob’s size discourages accidental removal, reducing theft risk.

For Educational Institutions

  • Classroom Security: Control access to classrooms, labs, and equipment rooms.
  • Staff Convenience: Easy to carry and hang, making it convenient for teachers and staff.

For Transportation Hubs

  • Facility Management: Organize keys for various facilities, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Public Convenience: Use with RADAR keys for public toilets, enhancing traveler experience.

For Government Buildings

  • Sensitive Area Control: Manage access to sensitive areas, ensuring security compliance.
  • Employee Efficiency: The key fob’s design aids in quick identification, saving time.

For Real Estate Agencies

  • Property Access: Efficiently manage property keys for showings and maintenance.
  • Professional Image: The key fob’s design reflects a commitment to organization and professionalism.


The “Don’t Take Me Home!” extra large key fob is not just a household item but a versatile tool for various commercial sectors. Its design, functionality, and visual reminder make it an essential asset for businesses aiming for efficiency, security, and convenience.


Grey, Green, Red, Bright Orange, High-Vis Yellow

With RADAR Key?

Without Large Head RADAR Key, With Large Head RADAR Key

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