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Wheelchair slippers – wheelchair tire covers


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  • Wheelchair Slippers – wheelchair tire covers for your rear tires
  • Two slippers per packet, one for each wheel.
  • Available in 20-22″ and 24″ spec – fits respective wheel size
  • Made of plush material that is attractive and soft
  • Have an internal lining that grips to the tire and prevents slippage
  • Go on the wheelchair in seconds
  • Used by hospitals, spas and retirement homes around the world.
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 3 colours – beige, purple and blue

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When to use Wheelchair Tyre Covers

RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers are essential for various occasions where cleanliness and style matter.

Whether you’re navigating wet and muddy walks, walking the dog in the park, or braving rainy days on the streets, these tire covers protect your floors from dirt and water. They’re also ideal for gardening, outdoor events, city commuting, and beach outings, preventing you from bringing dirt indoors.

Plus, when attending formal events or hosting guests, Wheelchair Slippers ensure your wheels stay clean, avoiding any embarrassing moments. Make every outing hassle-free and stylish with RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers.


RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers

Price: £33.99
Specifications: Available in 20-22″ and 24″ sizes
Colors: Beige, Purple, Blue
Contents: Two slippers per pack
Material: Plush, soft, and machine washable
Features: Internal lining for secure fit
Application: Fits rear tires of manual wheelchairs
Recommended For: Wheelchair users, hospitals, spas, retirement homes
Email for questions: shop@disabilityhorizons.com

Protect Your Floors and Elevate Style

Upgrade your wheelchair experience with RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers. These tire covers not only add a touch of style but also safeguard your floors from dirt and damage. Priced at just £33.99, each pack includes two slippers, one for each wheel, ensuring complete protection. Read our full post about wheelchair tyre covers here, including a review.

Advantages of Using Wheelchair Wheel Covers at Home

  1. Keeps Home Clean: Wheelchair wheel covers prevent dirt and debris from spreading around your home.
  2. Maintains Hygiene: Helps maintain a cleaner, more hygienic living space.
  3. Reduces Cleaning: Lessens the need for frequent floor cleaning.
  4. Protects Flooring: Prevents wheel marks and damage to floors.
  5. Saves Time: Quick and easy to use, saving you cleaning time.
  6. Enhances Wheelchair Life: Protects wheelchair wheels from wear and tear.
  7. Convenience: Easy to remove when heading outdoors.
  8. Promotes Independence: Encourages wheelchair users to move freely indoors.
  9. Cost-Efficient: Extends the lifespan of your flooring and wheelchair.
  10. Improves Accessibility: Smooth movement within your home environment.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Crafted from plush and soft material, these tire covers are not only attractive but also practical. They feature an internal lining that ensures a secure fit, preventing slippage. Installing them takes just seconds, and when it’s time for cleaning, you can simply toss them in the washing machine.

Fit for Every Wheelchair

Available in two specifications, 20-22″ and 24″, our Wheelchair Slippers are designed to accommodate different wheel sizes. This versatility ensures they can enhance your mobility regardless of your chair.

Stylish Color Options

Express your style with a choice of three elegant colors: beige, purple, and blue. Match them to your wheelchair or choose your favorite shade to make a fashion statement.

Trusted by Institutions Worldwide

RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers are trusted by hospitals, spas, and retirement homes around the world. Join the ranks of satisfied users who have said goodbye to dirty carpets and damaged floors.

Order Yours Today

Don’t let tire tracks spoil your clean floors. Order RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, more stylish, and hassle-free wheelchair experience.

RehaDesign has also created Wheelchair Socks, covers for the front caster wheels and Mud Eaters, water-resistant covers for the rear wheels – both of which can be ordered by emailing shop@disabilityhorizons.com.


Beige, Purple, Blue


for 20" – 22" Wheels, for 24" Wheels

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