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Keep Mud OUT! The Benefits of Wheelchair Wheel Covers

Keeping Your Home Clean with Wheelchair ‘Slippers’

Wheelchair users often have to deal with dirt from their wheels because they can’t do the equivalent of taking their shoes off when getting home.

Wheelchair slippers, or wheel covers, offer a clever solution. These covers prevent dirt from getting onto floors and carpets. We’ll explore the big advantages of wheelchair slippers for a cleaner home.

As a wheelchair user, do you dread bringing your chair back inside after a muddy walk? The wheels can track in dirt, leaves, grass, and more, leaving unsightly trails on floors and carpets. No matter how careful you are no one likes making a mess in their home.

Common Situations Leading to Dirty Wheels


Occasion Description
Wet and Muddy Walks Rolling through puddles or muddy paths.
Dog Walking Taking the dog out, especially in parks.
Rainy Days Picking up mud and water from wet streets.
Gardening Activities Moving around in soil and grass.
Outdoor Events or Sports Attending festivals or sports events in open fields.
City Commuting Dealing with street grime and puddles.
Beaches If you can get on a beach, you end up bringing of it some home with you.
Visiting Guests And Formal Events When attending a smart hotel or special event, it’s better to come prepared than be embarrassed by dirty wheels

The Difficulties of Cleaning Wheels Before Going Back Inside

My wife Clare, is a wheelchair user and has both a power chair and a manual wheelchair and I know first-hand about the job of cleaning dirty wheels!

Challenges of Cleaning Wheelchair Wheels Before going back inside

  1. Limited Accessibility: If you are alone, wheelchair users may struggle to access a hose or cleaning equipment, or be able to reach your wheels.
  2. Wet Wheels: Cleaning can leave wheelchair wheels wet, meaning wet floors when you get inside!
  3. Cold Weather Wait: Waiting for wheels to dry in cold weather can be uncomfortable, no one wants to wait longer outside after a long walk, particularly in the winter.
  4. Dependency on Others: Carers or family members may need to assist with cleaning.
  5. Residue Outside: After cleaning your wheels, maybe with a hose or bucket, there is dirt and muddy water right outside your door!
  6. Persistent Dirt: Some dirt may remain in wheel tracks, making it hard to remove. Sometimes this only dries and hardens when you get inside and then drops off later, when you least expect it!
  7. Time-Consuming: Cleaning adds time to the process of entering the home.
  8. Inefficiency: Cleaning may not fully remove all dirt, impacting indoor cleanliness.
  9. Inconvenience: Frequent cleaning is an inconvenient extra chore for wheelchair users and companions.
  10. Wheelchair Maintenance: More cleaning may lead to increased wear on wheelchair wheels and may cause rust.
  11. Splashes and wet clothes wheels often need some rigorous cleaning with a hose or brush and this can cause splashes and wet clothes.

Wheelchair Wheel Covers, the solution to dirty wheels.

We discovered wheelchair wheel covers, also known as wheelchair slippers. These innovative covers fit right over my wheels whenever you go inside, preventing debris, dirt, and moisture from transferring onto floors. They are an easy solution to the problem of dirty wheels.

The wheelchair slippers allow you to freely move around without worrying about soiling my carpets or flooring.

Extra Reviewer Tip

Respectful Convenience for Diverse Occasions

RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers offer a unique blend of practicality and respect for various occasions. Just like “One Footed Phoenix” who attends church, many find themselves in situations where they are unable to remove shoes (and certainly not wheels!) like the other attendees.

With Wheelchair Slippers, you can maintain decorum while adding a touch of style as a gesture to show respect by adding the covers.

Whether it’s attending religious gatherings, formal events, or any situation where preserving cleanliness and dignity is crucial, these tire covers provide a thoughtful solution. Elevate your presence without compromising comfort or respect with RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers.


Advantages of Using Wheelchair Wheel Covers at Home

  1. Keeps Home Clean: Wheelchair wheel covers to prevent dirt and debris from spreading around your home.
  2. Maintains Hygiene: Helps maintain a cleaner, more hygienic living space.
  3. Reduces Cleaning: Lessens the need for frequent floor cleaning.
  4. Protects Flooring: Prevents wheel marks and damage to floors.
  5. Saves Time: Quick and easy to use, saving you cleaning time.
  6. Enhances Wheelchair Life: Protects wheelchair wheels from wear and tear.
  7. Convenience: Easy to remove when heading outdoors.
  8. Promotes Independence: Encourages wheelchair users to move freely indoors.
  9. Cost-Efficient: Extends the lifespan of your flooring and wheelchair.
  10. Improves Accessibility: Smooth movement within your home environment.

wheelchair tyre covers in various coloursProtecting Floors, Carpets, and Furniture from Unwanted Damage

In addition to tracking in dirt, uncovered wheelchair tires can also inflict damage on flooring over time. Small rocks and debris ground under the wheels result in scratches, scuffs, and dents on hardwood floors and carpeting. The constant abrasion from uncovered tires rolling across the same high-traffic areas day after day takes a major toll.

But the wheelchair slippers protect floors from this gradual damage. By blocking contact between debris and flooring, the slippers prevent unsightly marks and preserve the quality of surfaces. Carpets can be protected from tracks of tires, and hardwood remains smooth without scratches.

The slippers also eliminate the risk of debris becoming embedded in carpet fibres or scratching furniture.

Wheelchair Tyre Covers That Are Easy To Put On and Take Off

To add the covers to your wheels watch this video:

You open them out, add the top part to the wheel, roll along a little and then add the rest of the cover, easy!

Buy Wheelchair Wheel Covers at the Disability Horizons Shop

Reha design Wheelchair Slippers – Stylish and Practical Tire Covers

Upgrade your wheelchair experience with our Wheelchair Slippers – tire covers designed to protect your home from the outdoor elements. Priced at just £33.99, each pack includes two slippers, one for each wheel, providing both functionality and style. These covers are available in two specifications, fitting 20-22″ and 24″ wheel sizes.

Crafted from plush and soft material, our Wheelchair Slippers not only look attractive but also serve a practical purpose. They feature an internal lining that grips the tire, preventing slippage and ensuring a secure fit. Installation is a breeze, taking just seconds to slip them onto your wheelchair.

Perfect for wheelchair users, hospitals, spas, and retirement homes worldwide, these tire covers are just what you need. You’ll appreciate their machine-washable design for easy maintenance. Plus, you have the option to choose from three elegant colours: beige, purple, and blue.

Say goodbye to dirty carpets and damaged floors. Invest in RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers and enjoy cleaner floors without leaving tire tracks. 

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