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Hydrant water bottle


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  • 750ml or 1L high-quality water/drinks bottle with handle and drinking tube
  • Bite valve and drinking tube allows you to drink hands-free without assistance
  • Clip available to attach drinking tube to clothing or bedding
  • Durable and leak-resistant, can be reused again and again
  • An ergonomic bottle that provides a firm and easy grip
  • Curved clip handle allows you to attach the Hydrant to beds, belts, buggies, wheelchairs and more

Click here to see the full Hydrant range, which includes replacement drinking tubes, clothing clips and cleaning kits.

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The innovative Hydrant water bottle allows you to access liquids hands-free, eliminating the need for assistance and ensuring hydration at all times. Welcome to the world of independent hydration with our favourite drinking aid – the Hydrant Water Bottle. This adaptive drinking aid water bottle is a game-changer for individuals with disabilities. It’s not just a water bottle, but a path to independence. The Hydrant Water Bottle comes with a long flexible tube, allowing you to drink without assistance. Its ergonomic design ensures a firm grip, and the unique bite valve prevents spillages, providing peace of mind. It also has a clip to attach to clothing meaning it is always in reach. Available in 750ml and 1L sizes, this ‘Drinking Aid’ is perfect for those seeking independence and hydration at all times. Water is one of the few human needs that can’t be questioned. We need to drink to live and need easy access to water at all times. Many individuals may find it hard to access a drink regularly, and that’s where the Hydrant water bottle comes in.

The Hydrant can be attached to hospital beds, wheelchairs and more using the unique bracket handle or carried in the hand.

The advanced drinking tube with a bite valve can be clipped onto clothing or bedding so liquids can be accessed quickly and easily, even when lying down.

If you want to hold it, the body of the Hydrant is ergonomically designed to rest perfectly in your palm. The combined clip handle and lid are guaranteed not to leak.

The Hydrant is ideal for those with limited mobility, and the unique bite valve prevents spillages and leaks when in use, as only the liquids required are dispensed providing independence and peace of mind.

Embrace the ease of drinking with our Hydrant Water Bottle today!


The Hydrant is available in either 750ml or 1 Litre sizes and is made from certified LDPE #4 and PP #5 plastics and is dishwasher-safe.

The Hydrant water bottle has been life-changing for me. As I only have the use of one arm I can now drink hands-free and continue to do work on my computer while drinking. The bottle fits nicely on the side of my wheelchair and the clips securely to my top/jumper. Before purchasing this I would only drink about 600ml a day. Now I can drink up to 2L a day, which is fantastic – The best purchase I’ve ever made! – E.P, UK

Check out a review by our in-house reviewer Zec –



Leak and spill-proof., Holds 750ml liquid., Includes bite valve, drinking tube and bracket., Ergonomic design.

Bottle Size

750 ML, 1 Litre

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