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Buttons 2 Button adaptive no-sew magnetic buttons review

Zec Richardson, a blogger and reviewer at Satonmybutt, is taking a closer look at some of our products. Today, as part of our in-house team, he is looking at the Buttons 2 Button adaptive no-sew magnetic buttons.

Trying to button up a shirt or blouse when you have arthritis, dexterity issues or physical disability can be frustrating. It can even leave you feeling like you have lost some dignity.

I am fortunate that the arthritis in my hands isn’t severe, but on bad days trying to button up a shirt can leave me hot and flustered.

The Buttons 2 Button adaptive no-sew magnetic buttons, sold on the Disability Horizons Shop, are designed to make dressing easier.

They are suitable for buttons that are 9.5mm in diameter but smaller than 13mm.

Buttons 2 Button set
Buttons 2 Button set

10 sets include three pieces per set. The rubber cover on the left is pressed over the original buttons, and the metal piece with the buttons2buttons etched onto it sits behind and through the buttonhole. The button then presses onto it from the outside.

After completing this step, the magnet attaches the two pieces together – it is a strong magnet and it holds my shirt together very well.

However, it would not work if the item of clothing or the collar was tight.

If you have a pacemaker, it is best to avoid using this product and any other product used on the chest that contains strong magnets.

The buttons do work well, however, the downfall is that even I struggled to attach the rubber covers over the buttons on my shirt (watch my video review at end of the post to see exactly what I mean).

So you may need help setting up the buttons and swapping them to a different item of clothing, as they can be taken off and used again.

Picture illustrating the bulkiness of the button
Picture illustrating the bulkiness of the button

I also found that they were quite bulky because of the pieces needed to make this item work. The gap, as shown above, is quite big.

I do think this is a very clever product, however, the downsides are being quite tricky to set up and rather bulky.

But of course, that is the opinion of one reviewer and I expect the negatives may outweigh the positives for many people.

The Buttons 2 Button – adaptive no-sew magnetic buttons cost £28.95 inc VAT from the Disability Horizons Shop.

Buttons 2 Button video review


By Zec Richardson

If you have enjoyed this review check out Zec’s YouTube channel and his website Satonmybutt. You can also find him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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