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Classic PRO folding reacher grabber aid


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  • A grabber aid that picks up everyday objects around the home – ideal for people with limited mobility
  • Can be folded and stored with ease – ideal for holidays or keeping in a bag
  • Can be used to pick up small items (under 1kg)
  • Has a magnetic tip that can pick up metallic items (eg keys)
  • Has a dressing post that can pick up and hold clothing

Scroll down for more information and a video demonstration.

The Classic Pro folding reacher grabber aid picks up everyday objects around the home just like your own fingers and thumbs.To operate the grabber, simply press and hold the trigger, pick up or move the item and then release the trigger to let go of the object.

This is a long-handled grabber aid that can fold up so you can take it with you, which is perfect for going on holiday or storing easily. It can be quickly and compactly packs into a suitcase, holdall, shopping bag or rucksack.

The ergonomic and comfy grip handle sits snug and balanced in your hand, which is ideal for those with stiff joints or reduced hand function and makes it comfortable to use all day, avoiding finger and wrist strain.

In addition, the black hook at the end is a dressing post that can be used to do things such as hook socks and pull clothing around the body.

There is also a magnetic tip that can pick up metallic objects such as keys, jewellery and tools.

You can also attach your grabber to your walking stick, walker or wheelchair with the included stick clip.

Which length Reacher should I choose?

There are three lengths available exclusively on the Classic PRO folding reacher gripping aid:

  • Short = 53cm/21″
  • Standard = 69cm/27″
  • Long = 89cm/35″

The short and standard sizes are ideal if you are sitting down to get dressed or reaching from a chair/wheelchair.

If you need a little extra help reaching higher shelves, or if you are over 5’10, we would recommend the longer length.


53cm, 69cm, 89cm

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