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Shoe-Helper reacher grabber shoe aid


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  • A built-in one shoehorn and gripping aid – ideal for people with limited mobility
  • The plastic shoehorn is smooth and gentle against the skin, which also means it won’t damage your shoes
  • Compatible with all types of footwear – sling backs, heels, sandals, trainers, slippers or boots
  • Can also be used to pick up shoes and other everyday items

Scroll down for more information and a video demonstration.

One of the best shoe aids of its kind. The Shoe-Helper reacher grabber shoe aid can be used to not just put your shoes on, but also grab items around the home.

With it’s lightweight integral shoehorn, the Shoe-Helper can be used for all types of footwear, making it an ideal and much more versatile alternative to a long and heavy metal shoehorn or a smaller easily broken plastic device.

The Shoe-Helper’s claw tightly grips and holds the shoe in place whilst the contoured plastic horn guides your foot into the shoe with ease.

The Shoe-Helper also doubles up as a grabber, so you can tidy away your footwear or slippers after use. This combined shoehorn, shoe-helper and grabber makes bending down and wrestling your feet into footwear a thing of the past.

You can also attach your Shoe-Helper grabber to your walking stick, walker or wheelchair with the included stick clip.

Which size Helping Hand?

Sitting down to put your shoes on, or standing up in the porch, the standard size (26″/65cm) will easily do all your jobs.

If you are needing a little extra reach and/or over 5’10, we would recommend the longer size (32″/82cm). Therefore avoiding any unnecessary stretching or balancing acts.


65cm, 82cm

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