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Tru Grip both ways up

Review of the Tru Grip – door handle extension kit

Door handles can be tricky to navigate if you have a health condition or disability. They can be hard to reach, stiff and, in some cases, impossible to use.

Our writer and editor Lucy Currier reviews the Tru Grip – door handle extension kit, a simple adaption that fits to your existing door handles to make them easier to reach and use.

Tru Grip is a door handle extension kit that can be used on almost any door handle to provide extra grip and leverage for those with painful joints and muscle conditions, such as arthritis.

Depending on the health condition a person has, their hands may be affected. This could mean anything from a weakened grip to being unable to use your hands at all.

The curved, specially designed shape of the Tru Grip is large enough to be used by not just your hand, but your elbow, arm or whatever part of your body makes it easier for you to open the door.

I can use my hands but sometimes I am defeated if a door handle is stiff. The Tru Grip was invented to help people with arthritis but because of its design, it can improve everyday life for people with a range of conditions.

What is the Tru Grip door handle extension kit?

The Tru Grip can be used both indoors and outdoors, including PVC backdoors. However, due to the upward pulling motion needed to lock PVC backdoors, it is suggested you install the Tru Grip upside to provide a better angle for use.

It comes in a zip bag that is clear, meaning you can see the product through the bag. There are two Tru Grip door handle extensions in each bag and zip ties are included.

This means you have everything you need to install the product on your door handle. The product itself is made from lightweight plastic. On the packaging, it actually says Tru Grip door handle aid.

Photo of the Tru Grip extention kit in its unopened packaging

This multi-award-winning door handle is simply placed over your existing door handle and attached using zip ties, to ensure a secure, steady alternative to traditional, small door handles.

The packaging is very easy to open if you have hand function but you may need help installing the product on your door handle as zip ties can be fiddly. I required assistance to install this as holding the Tru Grip on my door and dealing with the zip ties requires two hands with more dexterity than mine.

Using the Tru Grip door handle extension kit

On the product, there are four holes. Insert one zip tie through the top and bottom holes, place the product over your door handle, feed the zip tie through the hole opposite, pull tight and cut off the excess with scissors.

Close up of Tru Grip on door handle

Just to be awkward, my door handles are the opposite way around than in the instructions so I had to turn it around. The main point is to position the curved bit over the round curve of your door handle. If positioning upside down, get the curved bit as close to the underside of the round curve as you can.

Tru Grip positioned perfectly on my bedroom door


Even after you have pulled it tight the handle will still be loose and will slide down your door handle slightly when used. However, this does not affect the efficiency of the product.

It has fallen off a couple of times but if that happens, the handle is easy to put back on your door by positioning the now looped zipped ties below your door handle and the plastic handle above it. The product simply slides back on.

Photo of Tru Grip sliding off the handle of my bedroom door

This is actually useful if, like me, you’d need help with the initial setup and most of your door handles are the same or roughly the same width. It means that one extension handle can be used for multiple doors.

Here it is on my front door, positioned upside down as this door handle requires the handle to be lifted up.

Photo of Tru Grip on my front door

Who would benefit from using this product?

I can’t normally lift my front door handle up, but I can with the Tru Grip. You need some strength but this product amplifies what you already have. This product would be useful for anyone who finds opening doors a struggle.

I can see it being especially useful for people who have spasms or tremors as this gives you more handle to hold on to.

People with reduced strength will also benefit as this product has meant I only have to exert the slightest pressure for the extension handle to move down and open my doors.

If you are unable to use your hands using another part of your body to push down the handle will be easier than using just the handle that came with your door.

Using the Tru Grip

Would I recommend this product?

Yes, I would recommend the Tru Grip. It is lightweight and effective. Despite its flimsy appearance, it does the job well.

My only criticism of it is that it is not always secure on door handles and sliding off with multiple uses. Fortunately, this turned into a positive when I realised it was actually really convenient to use one product on multiple doors.

My one top tip would be to slide the Tru Grip back up your door handle after you have opened your door. This means it never falls to the floor and is always within reach when you need it.

You can buy the Tru Grip – door handle extension kit from our shop for £21.60.

By Lucy Currier

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