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Arthri-Grip Pro reacher grabber aid

£18.00 (£15.00 ex VAT)

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  • A grabber aid that picks up everyday objects around the home – ideal for people with dexterity issues (eg arthritis)
  • Ergonomic trigger that can be pressed with all fingers
  • Has a 90-degree special rotating claw that has a simple twist action
  • Can be used to pick up large and small items (under 1kg), put on clothing and open/close wardrobes, drawers, curtains etc
  • Length: 26″/66cm

Scroll down for more information and a video demonstration.

The Arthri-Grip Pro reacher grabber aid picks up everyday objects around the home just like your own fingers and thumbs.

Thanks to its 90-degree special rotating claw, you can turn the grabber to the appropriate angle, taking the strain off your wrist. To operate the grabber, simply press and hold the trigger with all fingers for a gentle grip, pick up or move the item and then release the trigger to let go of the object.

With the Arthri-Grip’s wider opening jaw, you can pick up as much as you can hold. The rubber-lined non-slip jaw has extra teeth, which provides precision pick-up ability for both large and small items. It can grab anything from clothing,  groceries or stationary.

The soft lips are flexible allowing you to pick up small fiddly items with care, such as a hairpin or earring off the bedroom floor.

You can even use the Athri-Grip to comfortably reach down behind the bedside cabinet, open the wardrobe or draw the curtains with ease. In addition, it’s great for pulling up socks or putting on your coat or jumper.

You can also attach your Arthri-Grip grabber to your walking stick, walker or wheelchair with the included stick clip.

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