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Pedal exerciser

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  • Can be used for both lower and upper body exercising – sit comfortably when exercising legs or can be placed on tables for upper body rehabilitation/therapy
  • Ideal for those looking to exercise their legs, arms or shoulders to build strength, flexibility or dexterity and improve circulation
  • Built-in knob allows you to adjust the level of resistance of the pedals
  • Pedals with toe straps can be turned in a circular motion both backwards and forwards
  • Ideal for arthritis sufferers
  • High quality, durable materials – chrome-plated stainless steel with non-slip rubber feet for extra stability

The pedal exerciser is a great tool to allow you to build arm, shoulder or leg strength following an injury or to help with your disability.

The exerciser features an adjustable resistance knob to allow you to start easy, and gradually work your way up.

The sturdy yet compact design means the pedal exerciser can also be placed on tables or work surfaces for easy access when working out the arms and upper body.

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Size: 495 x 410 x 280mm

Weight: 2kg

Weight 2 kg

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