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Hitch mobility scooter trailer for kids

What happened to the Skoe Hitch Mobility Scooter Trailer?

Skoe Hitch Mobility Scooter Trailer No Longer Available

I recently received the unfortunate news that Skoe Hitch, the innovative mobility scooter trailer I’ve sold for the past 5 years, has gone out of business.

I am trying to contact Stephen, the director of the company, to see if any remaining stock is available. However, I have stopped selling this popular product for now.

What the Skoe Hitch Offered

The Skoe Hitch was an amazing product that allowed parents and caregivers to safely tow children behind electric mobility scooters.

Like many designs I like to champion, it was borne of a family need. Its lightweight yet durable aluminium frame, vibrant colours, and clever pivoting and swivel system made it a top choice for on-the-go families.

Key features included:

  • Foldable, compact design for easy transport and storage
  • Padded, removable seat and backrest
  • LED light-up wheels for visibility
  • Lap belts for security
  • Textured footplates to prevent slipping

Alternatives for Towing Children

While not a direct replacement, there are a few alternative products that you could consider to allow you to continue towing young ones. PLEASE NOTE THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR THAT USE:

  • Bike trailers: Trailers like this one from Halfords allow you to tow 1-2 children behind a bike. With some DIY modifications, they may work with mobility scooters.
  • Buggy boards: Products like this Argos buggy board can attach to the back of wheelchairs and scooters so kids can stand and ride. Again, DIY alterations would be needed.

Please take care to ensure you and your child are completely safe if you consider these options. Please read the advisory notes at the bottom of this post.

  • Double Seat on a Scooter: Some mobility scooters like the TGA Supersport come with a double seat option to allow a second rider. However, this takes up significant space on the scooter itself rather than trailing behind.

Custom solutions from REMAP:

REMAP is a charity that has volunteers who engineer specialised disability equipment for free. Many of the volunteers are retired engineers and are extremely talented. They may be able to custom-build a scooter trailer for your needs.

homepage screenshot of Celtic magic showing a thistle gaming logo and an adapted gaming controller
Graham is quite a humble guy and not good at self-promotion, please click https://www.celticmagic.org/ to give his website a visit!

REMAP helped our family, they added a car seat to my wife’s powerchair so she could feed our son when he was a baby. I wish I could find the photo!

Graham Law from REMAP helped us with a custom design he made himself. He now runs a specialist game controller adaptation company for disabled people. A very good egg!

What can I do if I want to buy a Skoe Hitch now?

I will provide any updates if I hear back from Skoe Hitch about the remaining stock. In the meantime, please browse my online disability shop for the latest products or sign up for my newsletter to receive updates about new mobility aids. There is a form in the sidebar ->

Some Notes of Caution for Adaptations for Mobility Scooters

There are several safety concerns to keep in mind when towing children behind mobility scooters:

  1. Mobility scooters are not designed for towing and may lack appropriate anchor points or stability when pulling additional weight, increasing the risk of tipping over.
  2. Drivers often do not see mobility scooters well, so towing a child trailer on the streets is very dangerous. Pavements/Sidewalks may be safer depending on terrain and curb cuts. Speed should be kept under 5 mph.
  3. Exhaust fumes and loud noise from the proximity of other vehicles are something that may scare or affect children.
  4. Rapid acceleration or braking abilities of some mobility scooters may make controlling a trailer difficult.
  5. Towing extra weight places wear and tear on mobility scooters, requiring repairs/parts replacement more often.
  6. There are no clear laws or regulations around towing children with mobility scooters, but children under 14 are generally not permitted to independently operate vehicles on public roads.

In summary, while towing children with mobility scooters is not recommended or what mobility scooters are designed for, focusing on low speeds, sidewalks/flat terrain, caution with acceleration/braking, and frequent scooter maintenance can help mitigate some risks if necessary. Consulting engineers to create custom hitches may also help. But in general, mobility scooter manufacturers say that you should only transport the rider for safety.


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