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Portable urinals and sick bags to use when out and about

Many people need urgent access to a toilet while out and about due to a disability or health condition. Here at the Disability Horizons Shop, we sell a range of portable urinals and sick bags that can ease the pressure of needing to get to a toilet and preventing accidents on your travels.

Uriwell unisex adult portable urinals – blue and pink

Uriwell portable urinals pink & blue

Uriwell is a range of unisex portable urinals for people with disabilities and health conditions who may have difficulty accessing public toilets.

They are particularly useful if you have issues with controlling your bladder and need to pee urgently. So, if you’re in the car or somewhere that doesn’t have a toilet nearby, then the Uriwell portable urinal is perfect.

It comes in a choice of blue or pink and is ergonomically designed for use by both men and women. The bottles can hold up to 750ml of urine and have a tight lid that will stop spills, even when stored on its side.

The Uriwell is made of durable plastic and its concertina design means it can be folded down for compact storage.

You can buy a single Uriwell portable urinal for £8.95 or buy a Uriwell Happy Family travel urinal set for £22.95, which includes a pink, blue and kids bottle – more on this below.

Uriwell HappyPee – the friendly potty training and portable urinal for disabled children

Two yellow, frog-faced Happy Pees on a white background, with one Happy Pee compressed and small, the other expanded with the lid open

The HappyPee is a portable urinal designed specifically for children with autism and other special educational needs.

It is ideal for when your child is first learning to control their bladder and understand how toileting works. This is a huge milestone in their development and whatever age they are, it’s important to keep pressure and stress away from the situation.

The funny, friendly frog design will help your child enjoy the learning experience involved in potty training, rather than feeling anxious or scared about it.

It’s also a great tool for supporting your child with additional needs if they’re caught short or where it isn’t suitable to use a public toilet, for example, because it is unsanitary or busy and therefore overwhelming for your child.

Because the HappyPee is portable, you can keep one in your car to avoid little accidents or in case of emergencies. It can also be used in the car, so can protect their privacy.

Like with the other Uriwell products, the HappyPee was designed with boys and girls in mind, so all children should be able to use it with ease.

The Happy Pee can hold up to 375ml of liquid and will remain tightly sealed to avoid spillage. It also has a concertina design for easy storage.

The HappyPee travel urinal can be bought separately for £8.95, as a HappyPee triple pack for £22.95 or as part of the Happy Family portable urinal set for £22.95.

Watch vlogger Zec’s review of the Uriwell products to find out more about the range.

TravelJohn sick bags – instantly absorbs bodily fluids

Yellow packaging on a white background. 2 boxes of TravelJohn sick bags

Many people may need easy access to a sick bowl or bedpan when travelling, because of morning sickness, vomit symptoms relating to a health condition or because you can’t access a public bathroom.

The TravelJohn sick bags are a great solution as they instantly absorb bodily fluids and turn them to gel, preventing mess, odours and spillage, and enabling easy disposal.

They’re also an excellent alternative to a bedpan or bowl if you are bed-bound or struggle to get to the bathroom in time.

The sick bags have an 800ml capacity and are non-toxic, odourless and spill-proof. You can simply peel and seal the sick bag when needed.

They are an eco-friendly paper design, waste disposal safe and can be thrown away in everyday rubbish.

You can buy a set of TravelJohn sick bags on our shop now.

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