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Genuine brass RADAR NKS keys review

Zec Richardson is a blogger and reviewer at Satonmybutt and will be part of our in-house team taking a closer look at some of our products. Today he is talking about the Genuine brass RADAR NKS keys that are available from the Disability Horizons Shop.

Nationwide, there are more than 10,000 accessible toilets secured by the RADAR lock, which can only be opened using a RADAR key.

Like any product, there are copies of the original, and the copies are not made to the same standards.

Genuine brass RADAR NKS keys

The RADAR NKS keys are made from solid brass and are available with two different size heads. They also have an octagonal shaft that makes them easy to identify by touch. This is especially important with the smaller RADAR keys.

Why are disabled toilets locked?

Sadly, disabled toilets get used and abused by non-disabled people. This is often by ignorant members of the public who have no idea how important it is to keep them free for people who need them. Even Ian Duncan Smith MP was caught using a disabled toilet!

If not kept locked, disabled toilets have also be used for illegal drug-taking, sex and all sorts of other non-toilet-related activities.

How to use a RADAR key

A RADAR key is a specially manufactured key that fits into most of the locks for wheelchair accessible and disabled toilets across the UK – in pubs, theme parks, public buildings and around most city and town centres.

They allow disabled people to access more than 10,000 otherwise locked public and disabled conveniences throughout the UK.

Using a key can help you to avoid the embarrassment and difficulties of having to look for a staff member with a key to open the door for you.

Where are RADAR key disabled toilets?

There are a number of online sites and apps that enable you to search for disabled toilets that are accessed using a RADAR key.

For example, on toiletmap.org.uk, searching by location and using the RADAR key filter will show you a map of all RADAR key-locked toilets in that area. You can also search for accessible toilets on the Changing Places and AccessAble app.

Benefits of a RADAR key – video review

In my opinion, the RADAR key is an item that no disabled person should be without. And this doesn’t just apply to wheelchair users, like me, who require accessible facilities.

Many people with a hidden disability need to be able to access disabled toilets too. Rightly, they are entitled to use these facilities, just like anyone else. A RADAR key allows them to do this easily. But please do remember when you see someone emerge from a disabled toilet, that not all disabilities are visible!

These NKS RADAR keys feel like a quality item compared to the cheaper keys that are available. Personally, I don’t understand why anyone would by another version as the Genuine brass RADAR NKS keys are not expensive – just £4.95 each or 2 for £9 from the Disability Horizons Shop.

By Zec Richardson

If you have enjoyed this review, check out Zec’s YouTube Channel and his website Satonmybutt. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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