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Circular Anti-Slip Coaster


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  • Creates a strong non-slip surface, perfect for resting cups, plates and bowls on to prevent unwanted movement
  • Antimicrobial construction preventing bacteria from harboring on its surface
  • Non-toxic silicone, perfect for use in kitchens and hospitals
  • Adheres to a surface instantly
  • Available in 14cm and 19cm diameter, with a material thickness of 1.5mm

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Introducing the Tenura Silicone Rubber Anti-Slip Circular Coaster – the perfect solution for keeping your drinks in place and your surfaces protected. This coaster is a must-have addition to any home, office, or restaurant.

Made from high-quality silicone rubber, this coaster is designed to grip onto any surface, ensuring that your drinks stay in place and do not slip or slide around. The non-slip material also protects your furniture from scratches and water rings, keeping your surfaces looking like new.

The Tenura Silicone Rubber Anti-Slip Circular Coaster is heat-resistant, making it safe for use with hot drinks, and easy to clean, simply wipe down with a damp cloth. The compact size of the coaster means it can be easily stored away when not in use, and the sleek circular design makes it a stylish addition to any decor.

This coaster is also extremely durable and long-lasting, making it a cost-effective solution to protect your surfaces for years to come. Whether you are enjoying a cold beverage on a hot day or a warm cup of coffee on a chilly morning, the Tenura Silicone Rubber Anti-Slip Circular Coaster is the perfect way to keep your drinks in place and your surfaces protected.

Order your Tenura Silicone Rubber Anti-Slip Circular Coaster today and experience the convenience and functionality of this must-have accessory.

Our anti-slip circular coaster comes in three colour choices; red, yellow and blue. The Tenura circular non-slip coaster is available in two sizes, 14cm and 19cm diameter.

Anti-Slip Coaster Weights and Dimensions:

  • 14cm diameter | 26g
  • 19cm diameter | 45g


  • Prevents plates, bowls and crockery from sliding on tables, counters and trays
  • Holds chopping boards in positionHolds kitchen appliances and mixing bowls in place
  • Holds objects firm on surfaces that are not horizontal or subject to motion or tipping, making them great coasters for use in boats and motorhomes
  • Both domestic and in areas like hospitals that require a high standard of hygiene
  • As a visual aid, indicating dangers such as hot pans or keeping track of your belongings

Red 14 cm, Yellow 14cm, Blue 14 cm, Red 19 cm, Yellow 19 cm, Blue 19 cm

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