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Curve Connect wheelchair lap tray and bag


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  • Built-in lap desk with a sturdy and steady flat surface ideal for working, eating or playing
  • Includes a unique velcro-receptive surface, allowing you to attach almost any item with ease, without fear of it falling off
  • Large bag space to store items such as laptops, phones, toys, dining utensils and the removable bean bag on the tray
  • Straps included can be attached to any wheelchair with speed and ease and/or be used to carry the bag
  • Available in two colour trims – red and blue
  • Keep your items in place with a non-slip mat (sold separately)

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Read our interview with Trabasack co-founder and Disability Horizons Shop manager Duncan Edwards.

The Trabasack Curve Connect is an innovative, award-winning wheelchair bag and lap tray in one.

The built-in lap desk feature provides a sturdy and steady flat surface ideal for working, eating or playing on the go, no matter what the location.

It provides security and stability to ensure everything from electronic equipment (such as laptops and iPads), dinnerware (bowls and cups), books and toys, crafting materials and beyond, remain in place whilst travelling or at rest.

The unique surface is velcro-receptive, allowing you to attach almost any item with ease, without fear of it falling off or getting lost. It can also be used in conjunction with a sticky-back hook and loop tape.

The ergonomic shape of the Curve Connect, which is padded, provides a snug, secure and comfy fit around the waist when in use, making it ideal for children as a buggy tray, car seat tray, wheelchair or play tray.

Internally the Curve Connect features a zip pocket for storing daily essentials and a removable bean bag insert, that can be used to ensure the tray remains steady and comfortable upon the lap whilst in use.

The straps can be attached and removed with ease to allow use as either a briefcase, satchel, messenger bag or rucksack.

The shorter straps also allow for the bag to be attached to all types of chair, car seat or buggy. For children, it can provide a dining or play space on car trips, or where a high chair would otherwise be unavailable.

Each Trabasack lap tray bag, which comes in two colour trims, is made from hard wearing, durable fabrics that are both machine washable and shower-proof, providing the ultimate combination of functionality, style and security.

The surface of the tray is soft so that you can attach things to it with velcro to stop items from slipping off the tray. The Trabasack is rather light and the straps that come with it makes it really easy to carry it around.
It can be hung on the back of the wheelchair like a backpack and it can be fixed to an anchor point on the wheelchair to stop it from slipping off your lap when wheeling, fidgeting or shuffling into a less painful position in your chair.
There is a bean bag inside of the bag which has its own little zipped pocket, this is good for levelling the tray on your lap and prevents a pressure pain from developing in your legs like I often experienced when I had to use a flat plastic tray.
I am really happy with my purchase and I recommend this Trabasack to able-bodied people too, it can be used and enjoyed in any circumstance.
P.C. – UK

So useful, love the velcro surface – it’s really useful when you’re very prone to dropping things, and can’t reach the floor from your wheelchair. Hangs nicely on the back of the seat, with plenty of room inside. Great idea, very well made – high quality and excellent service.
J.L. – UK

Dimensions 39 × 37 × 7.5 cm
Trim Colours

Red, Orange, Blue, Pink


Easy ring pull zips – Grab handles – Multi strap options – Internal zip pocket – Swivel clips on the luggage straps – Quick release buckles – Machine washable 30 degrees

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