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Nellcor Compatible Disposable SpO2 Sensor


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  • Cost-effective Monitoring: Affordable solution to track blood oxygen levels and heart rate.
  • Tested for Reliability: Thoroughly tested with individuals experiencing epilepsy and sleep apnea.
  • Compatible with NHS Devices: Works with the standard Nellcor “grey box” machines supplied by the NHS.
  • Long-lasting Use: Although disposable, can be reused for about a week depending on usage conditions.
  • Comfortable Fit: Suitable for fingers and toes, and gentler on the skin compared to clip-on types.
  • Certified Quality: Comes with verified CE and ISO med UK certificates ensuring its medical-grade quality.

SpO2 Sensor Probe

The Nellcor Compatible Disposable SpO2 Sensor 9 Pin is a vital tool for people who need continuous or nightly monitoring of blood oxygen levels and heart rate.

Our Shop Manager, Duncan Edwards, decided to stock these after the NHS ceased supplying them for his son with Dravet Syndrome. He could not find a reliable or trusted UK supplier selling at an affordable price.

Certified Quality Assurance Nellcor Compatible

With verified CE and ISO med UK certificates from the manufacturing factory, these probes meet the medical-grade quality standards, adding an extra layer of assurance to their reliability and effectiveness. They work with Nellcor machines that are commonly issued by the NHS for home use.

Tested and Trusted  Sp02 SATS Probes

After an extensive search and vetting process, these SpO2 sensor probes were not only found to be cost-effective but also very reliable. They have been used by family members of the team and at a local care home. These sats probes are reliable for anyone needing continuous heart rate and oxygen monitoring.

Designed for Comfort and Accuracy

Engineered for external medicine, cardiology, and family medicine disciplines, this fingertip pulse oximeter is a versatile choice for healthcare professionals, individuals, parents, and caregivers. Unlike the clip-on types, these probes can be comfortably worn on fingers and toes by both adults and children, ensuring a gentle touch on the skin while delivering accurate readings. They are attached with a sticky “plaster” type covering, that can be taken off and reused with care.

Extended Usability

Each probe comes packaged in sealed packets, ensuring a new product every time. Despite being categorised as “disposable,” these probes offer an extended usability of about a week or more, depending on movement and handling, providing a cost-effective solution for continuous monitoring.

Wide Compatibility with Pulse Oximeters

Compatibility is key, and these probes extend their compatibility to a variety of brands that use nine-pin oximeter probes, including

Nellcor Oximax models:

N-10, N-180, N-190, N-20, N-30, N-560, N-600, N-600x, N-65, N-85, NPB-190, NPB-195, NPB-3910, and NPB-3920.

NPB-40 Series Handheld Pulse Oximeter, NPB-40 with Nellcor Oxismart XL SpO2

Nonin, Masimo, Welch Allyn LNCS-DCI, Unimed Medical, Philips, GE, Ohmeda, Datascope, DETEX, and Nihon Kohde.

How to Attach the Sensor Probe

  • Wrap sensor around index finger.
  • Ensure optical components are opposite each other.
  • Anchor cable with medical tape if necessary.

Fast Delivery From UK

The Nellcor Compatible Disposable SpO2 Sensor 9 Pin is available for fast UK delivery via Royal Mail 48 tracked, they are in stock and can give immediate peace of mind to adults or children with epilepsy and respiratory conditions, carers, healthcare workers, hospices and respite centres. Providing a back up to your existing NHS supply or for those who need to purchase them for home use.



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