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Text: Introducing tghe Active Hands Lite Gripping Aid. Perfect for daily tasks. Two images one of the lite aid glove with a hand in it and one with a lite grip aid holding a kitchen fish slice turner

New Product Review: The Active Hands Lite Gripping Aid

The Active Hands Lite Gripping Aid – an everyday version of their super successful General Gripping Aid

Active Hands, a company known for their innovative gripping aids for people with limited hand function, has just launched an exciting new product – the Lite Aid. This lightweight, versatile gripping aid is designed to provide assistance with everyday tasks and promote greater independence.

Reviewing the Active Hands Lite Gripping Aid

Key Takeaways

Feature Details
Design Lightweight, easy-to-use gripping aid
Purpose Assists users with limited hand function to grip objects
Material Durable neoprene and tough webbing
Uses Suitable for light tasks and activities
Price £59.95 with a VAT Exemption, free UK shipping

The Active Hands Lite Gripping Aid is a versatile and practical tool designed for individuals with limited hand function. This aid enables users to grasp and hold various objects securely, increasing their independence in daily activities.


single glove that closes fingers to grip shown with hand inside and buckle strapA Wearable Aid for Daily Living

The Lite Aid is a wearable gripping device that helps with common activities like cooking, shopping, and personal care. It works similarly to Active Hands’ popular General Purpose Gripping Aid, with a strap that tightens around the wrist and an overhand strap that closes the fingers around objects. However, the Lite Aid is optimized for lighter daily tasks rather than heavy lifting or sports.

When not in use, the Lite Aid conveniently folds backwards against the wrist, keeping it out of the way but ready to assist at any time. This allows users to go about their day with the aid always on hand when needed.

Ideal for Wheelchair Users

One key feature of the Lite Aid is its pushing surface, which is shaped to fit against a wheelchair push rim. This allows wheelchair users to more easily propel their chair while wearing the gripping aid. Many of Active Hands’ products are popular with wheelchair users, and the Lite Aid caters even further to their needs.

@activehands.comHow to put on our BRAND NEW Lite Aid♬ original sound – Active Hands


How did the Lite Gripping Aid get invented?

The way the best inventions arise, due to someone’s real need for a product that isn’t available!

  • Active Hands already offered their General Purpose gripping aid, but this is designed more for heavy-duty tasks like weightlifting and sports. They heard from customers that needed a lighter aid for everyday activities that was easy to put on and off.
  • The Lite Aid is intended to help with things like cooking, shopping, personal care, and using household items. It provides a little extra grip support for those tasks without being as bulky as the General Purpose aid.
  • It is aimed at people who have weakness on one side, such as from stroke or cerebral palsy, and need some grip assistance to perform daily activities independently with their affected hand.
  • The Lite Aid is designed to fold back against the wrist when not in use, so it can be worn all day and is readily available when needed for gripping. This convenient, wearable style makes it suitable as an everyday aid.
  • Active Hands is continually expanding their product line to meet the varied needs of people with hand weakness or limited hand function. The Lite Aid fills a gap for a multipurpose, low-profile gripping aid for common daily living tasks.

Design and Materials

single black gripping aid gloveThe Lite Gripping Aid is crafted from neoprene and strong webbing, ensuring durability and comfort. Neoprene, commonly used in wetsuits, provides a snug fit while being gentle on the skin. The aid is lightweight and can be worn for extended periods without causing discomfort.


a woman hold the straps of a tote bad with a gripping aid glove showing how easy it is to carry shoppingThis aid is particularly beneficial for users who need assistance with light tasks. It is not recommended for holding heavy items but excels in supporting activities such as:

  • Gardening: Holding tools like trowels or small rakes.
  • Home Tasks: Gripping cutlery, toothbrushes, or small kitchen utensils. Pushing shopping trolleys or pushchairs and prams. Holding on to a walking frame or rollator.
  • Recreational Activities: Playing board games, computer games and consoles, arts, crafts, painting, or using remote controls.

The gripping aid works by securing the hand in a functional position, using adjustable straps to ensure a firm but comfortable grip. This allows users to maintain control over the items they hold, which is crucial for performing various tasks independently.


Availability and Pricing

lite gripping aid shown using a peta carving knife on a carrotThe Lite Grip Aid is available now on the Disability Horizons Shop, shopping worldwide. It is priced at £59.95 with a VAT exemption for disabled people, £71.95 without.

Here is a section on other products available for poor grip from the Disability Horizons Shop:

Other Products for Poor Grip from the Disability Horizons Shop

In addition to the new Active Hands Lite gripping aid, the Disability Horizons Shop offers several other products designed to assist people with limited hand function or poor grip strength:

Functionalhand Universal Grip Aid

Functionalhand sat on a table holding a remoteThe Functionalhand is a versatile cuff that provides an alternative grip for those with poor hand function. It can securely hold a wide range of objects, allowing children and adults to independently perform daily tasks like preparing food, dressing, personal care, work, sports and more. The Functionalhand promotes bi-manual therapy and helps strengthen the hands, shoulders, elbows and wrists. There is a review here.

Active Hands Gripping Aid for General Use

Active hands general purpose gripping aid holding a hammerThe Active Hands general purpose gripping aid enables people with limited hand function to grip and hold objects. It is ideal for weightlifting, rowing, kayaking and many other activities. The aid is made from durable neoprene and tough webbing to withstand regular use. It comes in small, standard and large sizes to fit different hand and wrist measurements.

Active Hands Gripping Aid for Small Items

a lady using the small item gripping aid to apply foundationThis aid allows users to hold small items at any angle to perform tasks like painting, applying makeup, brushing teeth, shaving, writing and more. It features a glove that secures around the hand and wrist, with a detachable palm pad that has a plastic clamp to hold items in place. The gripping aid for small items is machine washable and comes in standard/large sizes.

Arthri-Grip Pro Reacher Grabber

Arthigrip reacher grabber shown holding a remote controlThe Arthri-Grip Pro is a 66cm reacher and grabber aid designed for people with limited dexterity, such as from arthritis. It has an ergonomic trigger handle that requires minimal effort to close the serrated jaws at the opposite end. The reacher is ideal for extending your reach to grab items while minimizing bending and stretching.


Cat Tongue Non-Abrasive Grip Tape

purple water bottle being help by a person, made easier by using a strip of grip tapeThe Cat Tongue grip tape provides a non-slip surface to help you grasp objects more securely. Some key features:

  • Self-adhesive tape that can be cut to any size and shape
  • Textured surface mimics a cat’s tongue for high grip without abrasiveness
  • Waterproof and dishwasher safe for use on many items
  • Latex-free

The grip tape is very versatile. You can stick it on:

  • Electronics like phones, remotes, and game controllers
  • Mobility aids like wheelchairs, canes, and walkers
  • Household items like utensils, hairbrushes, toothbrushes
  • Hobby and sports gear like crafting tools and tennis rackets

Anywhere you need some extra grip, the Cat Tongue tape can help. The tape comes in a 10-foot roll for £19.95 or a 2-pack for £35.00.

Grip Toggle

grip toggle being shown around a toothbrush to aid gripThe Grip Toggle is a silicone ring attached to a suction cup. It helps you hold items between your fingers.

Key features:

  • Stretchy silicone ring fits over objects
  • Flat suction cup attaches behind your fingers
  • Comes in a 4-pack with 2 sizes of rings
  • Portable and reusable

To use the Grip Toggle, place an object through the ring and position the suction cup behind your fingers. This allows you to hold items without needing to fully close your hand.

The Grip Toggle is great for:

  • Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and razors
  • Pens, pencils, and art tools
  • Utensils and small kitchen gadgets
  • Hobby items like needles and scissors

A 4-pack of Grip Toggles sells for £12.95. The small size fits objects up to 8mm in diameter, while the large works for items up to 14mm.

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