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Active Hands – Lite Aid


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Our Lite aid is an ideal solution for individuals experiencing one-sided weakness resulting from stroke or hemiplegic cerebral palsy, who aspire to carry out daily tasks independently but require a bit of assistance with gripping. It is crucial during stroke recovery to regain the ability to perform everyday activities with the affected arm, yet finger strength often poses a challenge. This aid offers invaluable support, giving you the extra help you need!

The Lite aid is a slim and lightweight grip assistance device that conveniently folds onto your wrist when not in use, ensuring it is readily available whenever required.

Where can you utilize your Lite aid?

  • In the kitchen, for securely holding cooking utensils such as our specially designed right-angled knives, or other utensils with chunky handles like spoons, whisks, or stirrers.
  • While out and about, for manoeuvring a shopping trolley, walker, or pushchair.
  • For transporting shopping bags to the car.
  • At home, for tasks like holding an electric toothbrush, button puller, or hairbrush.
  • During gardening or when handling lightweight workshop tools.

How do you utilize your Lite aid?

Simply wear the Lite aid on your wrist. It features an overhand strap that threads through a buckle and secures over your hand. When the strap is fastened, it gently guides your fingers to grip the desired object. The overhand design ensures your fingers remain enclosed within the aid.

When not in use, the aid can be folded up and stored on your wrist until needed again. Fasten the strap along the back of the hand section.

Crafted from a soft yet durable fabric, the Lite aid provides ample grip assistance while being gentle on your skin.

You can easily clean your Lite aid in a washing machine at 40°C. Just remember to fasten the Velcro before washing!

What is the Lite aid not suitable for?

Avoid using this aid for tasks involving heavy weights, gym workouts, or other strenuous activities.

It is specifically designed as a lightweight grip aid and lacks the reinforced webbing and neoprene lining necessary for heavy-duty tasks. For such activities, we recommend utilizing our General Purpose gripping aid.

Please note that once the Lite aid is secured, you cannot release the object without undoing the strap.

A = Wrist

Small: Standard: Large:
135mm – 150mm 145mm – 185mm 180mm – 220mm
5.3″-5.9″ 5.7″-7.2″ 7.1″-8.7″

B = Wrist to Middle Finger

Small: Standard: Large:
135mm – 175mm 175mm – 210mm 195mm – 280mm
5.3″-6.9″ 6.8″-8.3″ 7.7″-11.0″



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