Trabasack Media Mount device stand


A fantastic flexible and multi-purpose device stand weighing weighs 100g. It is perfect for supporting electronic equipment – such as a phone, remote or communication aid – books, toys, bottles and bowls, all at the perfect angle on your wheelchair lap tray.

The flexible design allows you to wrap and twist it around almost any object, and the velcro strip along one-side of the mount can be securely attached to the velcro-receptive tray surface of either the Curve Connect or Mini Connect.

In addition, it can be positioned to fit your needs whether you’re a wheelchair user, lying on a bed or sitting on a sofa. You can use it when you’re at home, at school or university, at work or even on holiday.

  • Flexible and multi-purpose device stand.
  • Can twist and wrap to the perfect angle.
  • Supports electronic equipment, children’s toys, books, bottles and bowls.
  • Includes a Velcro strap to secure the object onto a Trabasack wheelchair tray.
  • Ideal for use whether you’re in a wheelchair, lying on a bed or sitting on a sofa.
  • Weighs 100g.

60 in stock

Dimensions 27.2 × 16.8 × 7 cm

Holds items safely and securely – Versatile, shapable design can fit around almost any object – Can be use with bottles, plates, toys and more – Ideal companion to the Curve Connect and Mini Connect


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