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Peta Easi-Grip nail care set

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Fantastic clipper and scissor set that is perfect for keeping at home or in your handbag to help you attend to all your nail care needs.

Each Peta Easi-Grip nail care set includes:

  • Peta mini Easi-Grip scissors – lightweight, compact, self-opening scissors – designed specifically for those with joint conditions.
  • Peta tabletop Easi-Grip nail clippers – non-slip, mounted nail clippers for use on tabletops and work surfaces – aids those with limited dexterity and weakness of joints to cut and trim fingernails at tabletop level.
  • Peta long-reach Easi-Grip toenail cutters – comfortable, safe alternative to traditional nail clippers and scissors – the extended, long-reach shank eliminates the need to bend or stretch uncomfortably when trimming toenails.

Scroll down for more details and to see a review of this product!

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The lightweight design of the scissors means only gentle pressure has to be applied to make an incision, and the polymer looped handle ensures the scissors automatically reopen once pressure has been released.

The fine pointed blade is guaranteed to give you precise accuracy for even the most intricate of cutting tasks.

Each pair of Mini Easi-Grip scissors comes with a blade guard for safe storage, and can be used in either the left or right hand.

Scroll down to see a video of the scissors in action.


The nail clippers are mounted upon a non-slip plastic base to provide stability and ensure the clippers remain still and steady whilst in use.

The nail clipper lever features an extra-wide moulded pad, which provides enhanced leverage, and spreads the pressure applied when closing to provide comfort to weak hands and wrists.

The tabletop design makes these nail clippers ideal for those with limited long-range visibility, and includes a built-in nail file that can be used with ease.


The long loop, ergonomic handle of the long reach nail cutters ensures they remain steady and comfortable-in-hand, and the serrated stainless steel blade helps to grip the nail when cutting.

The angled blade head provides the perfect angle for trimming – helping to avoid unnecessary twisting or straining of the wrists.

Designed with an extra-long blade shank, these long reach toenail clippers can be used when seated without having to stretch or bend uncomfortably, making them ideal for those with joint issues, back pain and limited dexterity.

Check out a review of this product down below from our amazing in house reviewer Zec!

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