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Knork knife and fork in one – 3 finishes

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  • Eliminate the need for multiple pieces of cutlery – Knork is a knife and fork in one, and ideal for taking out-and-about to minimise contact with bacteria and viruses
  • Cut food using a rocking motion – can be used in both the left and right hand
  • Durable, high quality hand-forged stainless steel – dishwasher safe
  • Delivered in an attractive presentation carry tube – great as a gift
  • Disability Horizons UK EXCLUSIVE – now available in 3 elegant and modern finishes – stainless steel, matt black and antique copper

Knork is an innovative knife and fork in one, ideal for use on a multitude of foods and by users with dexterity issues or other disabilities.

The Knork is a fork that features a bevelled edge along one side of the fork tines, which allows you to use it as a knife. By applying a rocking motion and pressure to the side of the Knork fork, you can cut through all different types of food with ease and without having to use a ‘sawing’ motion.

The bevelled cutting edge is not sharp like standard knives and therefore cannot cut the inside of the mouth. This provides extra peace of mind for those with limited dexterity and makes the Knork safe enough for children to use.

The Knork is also ideal for those who only have one hand available for eating as it totally removes the need for two pieces of cutlery. The symmetrical design also means it can be used in either the left or right hand.

The unique design and non stigmatising look of the Knork range means that if you take your Knork out with you to dine at a restaurant or cafe, it is not easily identifiable by hospitality staff – and it is not clear that you have brought your own cutlery with you.

After an enjoyable meal it is very easy to find that waiting staff have accidentally taken away your knork with plates and cutlery, however we have introduced two new finishes to the popular stainless steel knork to help prevent this happening.

Now available in 2 extra new stylish, contemporary finishes – EXCLUSIVE to the Disability Horizons Shop – for an extra WOW-factor at mealtimes.

  • Matt black (PVD titanium alloy coated stainless steel)
  • Antique copper (PVD titanium alloy coated stainless steel)

To ensure your Knork cutlery keeps its wow-factor, please do not use lemon-based dishwasher cleaner/tablets or washing liquid to retain the cutlery’s flawless hi-spec finish, and remains untarnished.

All finishes of our knorks are supplied in the handy green carry tube.

Why not buy a single-setting dinner set of knorks for only 12.95 – great value and includes a full size and salad-size Knork. Or purchase a complete dinner service for the whole family for only 19.95!

Dimensions 22.8 × 3.2 × 3.2 cm

Knife and Fork in One, Stylish, Contemporary Stainless Steel Design, Can be Used One Handed, Left or Right Handed, Durable, Dishwasher Safe.


Original, Matt Black, Antique Copper


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