Face mask exemption card lanyard or clip badge

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  • Quick to put on and easy to read – it communicates your mask exemption from a safe distance
  • Lightweight and pocket-sized – it can be carried in your coat or bag for use when out and about
  • Durable, long-lasting design and made from recycled materials
  • Includes both a printed lanyard ribbon or badge clip and detachable plastic ID card

New rules require people to wear a face covering or mask on public transport – and you can be fined up to £100 for not doing so. But, if you have a medical condition or disability that makes it difficult for you to wear one, you can self-certify as being exempt from having to wear one (scroll down for more details on the face mask exemptions).

To ensure disabled people don’t get fined when they’re genuinely exempt, we’ve created an exemption card.

Our mask exemption card comes on a lanyard or badge clip. It is a durable, portable pass that you can wear around your neck or pinned to your coat or top while travelling on buses, trams, coaches, taxis and trains.

It provides drivers and staff with immediate and simple-to-understand information regarding your mask exemption.

The bright red lanyard has ‘MASK EXEMPT’ written in white capital letters so it is easy to see. The credit card-sized ID badge further explains your mask exemption as being due to a “disability/health condition”. Both can be shown and read at a safe distance.

There is also the option to purchase the ID card with a badge clip instead of a lanyard, which can be worn on shirts, tops or coats.

The pocked-sized design of the ID, badge clip and lanyard means it can be stored in your coat or bag making it easy to access and put around your neck or pin to you while travelling.

The lanyard is 20mm wide and made of recycled materials. It has a ‘safety break’ clip that detaches in case the lanyard gets caught or tangled whilst you are travelling. It can also be easily reclosed. The ID card comes in an open-faced ID cardholder.

Our mask exempt ID cards are now available, new stock is coming on 30 June 2020. Orders will be processed and sent by Royal Mail 48 delivery the day after receipt of the order, please allow at least 5 working days for delivery.

Postage is £1.20 per order plus 50p for additional card sets. They will be posted Royal Mail 48 hour delivery in an envelope that will fit through your letterbox. You can choose:

  • Mask exemption travel card plus lanyard plus badge clip
  • Mask exemption travel card plus lanyard
  • Mask exemption travel card plus badge clip only.

All the travel mask exemption cards with lanyards or travel mask exemption cards with a badge clip come fully assembled.

Scroll down below for full information on the new face mask rules, official exemptions and how these might apply to you.



Face mask legislation and exemptions

From 15th June 2020, in England, it is compulsory to wear a face mask or covering on public transport, including busses, trains, aircrafts and ferries. This will also be the case in Scotland from 22nd June.

If you’re caught without a face mask, you’ll be denied access to public transport and be given a fine of £100 (£50 if paid within 14 days).

But there are exemptions. These rules don’t apply to children under the age of 11 and disabled people or those with health conditions when there is a ‘reasonable excuse‘ not to. The Government guidelines define these as:

  • where you cannot put on, wear, or remove a face covering:
  • where you are travelling with, or providing assistance to, another person who relies on lip-reading to communicate
  • where you have to remove their face covering to take medication
  • to eat or drink where it is reasonably necessary to do so

Other exemptions apply to some transport workers and other specific situations.

How our mask exemption cards can help you

For many people with disabilities and health conditions, wearing a face covering might be impossible, or would make travelling, commuting or even daily tasks incredibly difficult. Government guidelines listed above mean that you can now self-certify as being exempt.

For example, if you have respiratory condition, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, you may find it too difficult to breathe through a mask or face covering.

If you have a learning difficulty, sensory processing disorder or neurodivergent condition, such as autism, wearing a mask could be too alarming and overwhelming.

If you have communication difficulties, a speech impairment or find it hard to express yourself with a mask on, especially if you are non-verbal, a mask would be difficult.

Mask exemptions also apply if you need to communicate with a deaf person who lip-reads.

This is list is not exhaustive and there will be many other disabilities, including invisible ones, that would make wearing a mask very difficult.

As such, there has been a lot of concern from people who cannot wear a mask that they will be rebuked or fined for not complying. This is where our mask exemption cards come in.

Our mask exemption lanyard is lightweight and can be worn by either the exempt traveller or their travel companion if this is not possible.

Face mask recommendations

It’s also worth keeping in mind that the Government has advised people to wear face coverings in hospitals and in enclosed spaces where social distancing isn’t possible.

In England, from the 15th June, people visiting the hospital to see a patient or as an outpatient are strongly advised to wear face coverings. But no one will be denied care and masks will be provided by the hospital ‘in emergencies’.

In enclosed spaces, such as shops, where social distancing isn’t possible, the Government has advised that you wear a face covering. This applies to people in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

As an employee, it’s up to individual businesses to assess whether PPE is necessary for any particular context, so check the rules for your particular work setting with your employer.

Our face mask exemption cards can work in the same way in either of these settings, enabling you to alert people to why you aren’t wearing a mask when others might be.


ID card with lanyard, ID card with badge clip, ID card with lanyard and badge clip

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