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Covid Pass exemption card lanyard or badge clip

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  • NHS England/Government guidance was updated on the 1st October 2021 and again on 13th December – you now need to get official approval for a medical exemption as opposed to being able to self-declare. 
  • We have decided to withdraw the card from sale until Government guidance is updated. We believe you should be able to self declare until your official exemption is approved on the NHS App, however that has not been stated in the UK guidance. If you wish to be notified if this card is available for sale again please email shop@disabilityhorizons.com with “COVID PASS UPDATE” in the title. Your email will only be used once for this purpose and will not be put on any other mailing lists. 
  • Quick to put on and easy to read – it communicates your NHS Covid Pass exemption from a safe distance.
  • Blue lanyard reads “COVID PASS EXEMPT” in white lettering on a blue lanyard.
  • Lightweight and pocket-sized – it can be carried in your coat or bag for use when out and about
  • Durable, long-lasting design and made from recycled materials. The ID card is made of waterproof acrylic (like a credit card), it is not paper or cardboard.
  • Includes both a printed lanyard ribbon and double-sided detachable plastic card in open-faced holder plus optional shirt/pocket badge clip.
  • This card has been produced for people with a medical exemption from having Covid-19 vaccinations or who are unable to take Covid tests to use until they receive their official medical exemption – more on this below.
  • Double-sided. Choose the message that suits you best. One side does not have “NHS” on it and may be more suitable internationally (where exemptions apply).
  • Orders shipped 1st class, all options are in-stock and are posted same day if ordered before 2pm or next working day otherwise. 95% of orders arrive promptly but Royal Mail is still having issues, please allow plenty of time for delivery if needed for an event. 

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Covid vaccine and testing exemptions

The Government recognises that some people are unable to have a Covid-19 vaccination or test because of a medical condition. This could include:

  • people receiving end of life care where vaccination is not in the person’s best interests
  • people with learning disabilities or autistic individuals, or people with a combination of impairments where vaccination cannot be provided through reasonable adjustments
  • a person with severe allergies to all currently available vaccines
  • those who have had an adverse reaction to the first dose (for example, myocarditis)

This isn’t an exhaustive list and there are other medical conditions that could also allow you to get a medical exemption.

There are also short-term exemptions for people with short-term medical conditions. This could, for example, be used if you are pregnant and don’t have the vaccine.

This list is from the NHS England website. In Scotland, people under 18, participants in vaccine trials, people who can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons and those performing or working in the venues, are exempt.

There aren’t yet details of exemptions in Wales. We will update this listing when we know more.

How to access venues if you are exempt

If you are exempt and live in England, you’ll need to apply for proof of this to your doctor or specialist health provider. If approved, the NHS Covid Pass can be used to prove your status.

As of the 15th December at 6am, you won’t be able to enter many entertainment venues and events in England unless you have exemption approval – you can no longer self-declare a medical exemption.

The rules are slightly different in Scotland, where you will need to get a medical exemption certificate from your GP.  You can find out more on the NHS Inform website.

The Welsh Government hasn’t mentioned exemptions for its pass in its announcements or official guidance. We will be keeping an eye on what happens and update this story when we know more.

Once you have approval, you may want to use our Covid NHS Pass exemption card in addition as a visual aid to show your self-declared exemption.

Our pass is an acrylic plastic ID card in an open face cardholder, the ID card reads “I am exempt from using the NHS Covid Pass and Covid testing. Thank you”.

The other side of the card reads “I am medically exempt from using Covid Pass/Vaccine Pass and Covid testing, thank you”. You can choose which is displayed by turning the card around in the holder.

It is worn with a blue ribbon lanyard with “Covid Pass Exempt” written upon it in white lettering. The products are made in the UK from recycled plastic and the lanyard has a safety break.

We have produced this card for people with a genuine medical exemption from having the Covid vaccination or from regular testing according to Government and NHS guidelines to be used as a visual aid in addition to official approval.

At Disability Horizons we believe in inclusion, and for disabled people and those with health conditions to be able to fully take part in ordinary daily life without discrimination.

For more information read our article What to do if you cannot be vaccinated for Covid-19 because of a medical condition. Please be aware that our card IS NOT official approval – you will need to get that from a medical professional.

Information correct 13/12/2021.

If you are looking for our face mask exemption card instead, head to our shop listing.



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